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Meta TV: Pandemic-Themed Series and Movies You Can Binge-Watch on Netflix

11 days ago by Bryson "Boom" Paul
The fear of infection evidently draws huge streams. On March 1, Netflix rolled out its abundance of new monthly film selections, which included the 1995 thriller Outbreak, a race-against-time film about a deadly virus attacking a small town, starring Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding Jr. Until now, the film has...

A Pandemic Devastated Dallas More Than a Century Ago. Here’s Why Hundreds Died.

18 days ago by Lucas Manfield
As reports of a new influenza epidemic sweeping the coast alarmed residents, Dallas’ chief doctor offered reassurances. “The general health situation in Dallas is good,” he told a reporter for The Dallas Morning News. The disease wasn’t much worse than the common flu, he claimed. It was 1918, and the...

Chasing Rainbows: Tiffany Rae Grimes Wants to Brighten the World One Hairstyle at a Time

1 month ago by Eva Raggio
TIffany Rae Grimes is a Dallas hair stylist and colorist whose bright creations transform her clients into striking fantastical creatures. Until recently, she could be found in Deep Ellum, but she says that gentrification and a fear of crime pushed her out of the neighborhood and into Salon Ritual. “I...

The Dallas Children’s Theater Wants to Help Audiences Understand the Transgender Experience

1 month ago by Ana Astri-O'Reilly
No one said that being a teenager was easy. Our youth face a variety of issues like low self-esteem and depression, as well as modern-day ills like cyberbullying and internet addictions. It’s also a time in life when we try to figure out who we are, which can mean coming...

The Dallas Morning News Slimes DA Creuzot on Cash Bail, Who’s in Jail

1 month ago by Jim Schutze
A little over a year ago, The Dallas Morning News hired a new editorial page editor, Brendan Miniter, from the (George W.) Bush Presidential Center (Library) in Dallas. Ever since, the page has been embarrassing. And I guess it would be fair to wonder who is embarrassed. Clearly not the...

21 Things To Do in Dallas This Week, Feb. 17 – 23

1 month ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, February 17 Jeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversations: Mistresses and MasterpiecesBehind every grand piano arrangement is a grand woman — we think the saying goes. A new program at the Eisemman Center focuses on the music by classic composers like Chopin, Schumann, Liszt and Mendelssohn, inspired by the women in their...

It’s All About Bolton’s Mustache. The Rest Is Misdirection.

2 months ago by Jim Schutze
This may be an ill-informed and over-personal approach to a very serious matter, but I truly believe the whole Trump/Bolton imbroglio is about the mustache. Hear me out. OK, hear me part of the way out. Right after he was elected president, Donald Trump declined to hire John Bolton because...

Growing Pains: Stress Is Killing Farmers, But These Texans Keep Plowing Ahead

2 months ago by Meredith Lawrence
Farmers across the country are struggling to make ends meet. In Texas, the stress weighs on farmers who sometimes struggle to figure out how to scrape together the next bill payment.

The 21 Best Things To Do in Dallas This Week, Jan. 20 – 26

2 months ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, January 20 PJ Masks Live: Save The Day TourSuperhero movies are as American as baseball, so get the kiddos started on that tradition early so that they’ll be able to fit in one day when everyone’s talking about the 35th Avengers movie. The French cartoon (and now Disney-produced series),...

Lewisville Police Investigating Girl Who Livestreamed Video of Her Dog in a Clothes Dryer

8 months ago by Danny Gallagher
A disturbing Instagram video that went viral over the weekend caught the attention of the Dallas and Lewisville police departments. A live stream of an unidentified female juvenile putting a small, white dog in a dryer, and laughing as the dog is tossed around inside it, received a massive amount...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.