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Filmmaker Merced Elizondo Wants to Destigmatize Mental Health in Latinx Communities

19 days ago by Alex Gonzalez
As a child, Merced Elizondo had an affinity for cinema. The Oak Cliff native found inspiration through interactions with his Mexican-American family, but didn’t really see much of himself reflected on screen. Now, the 26-year-old is committed to producing films with diverse casts and crews. For his latest short film...

Dallas Actors Who Should Play Characters in Superhero Movies

1 month ago by Liam Gaughan
The days of comic books adaptations being looked down on as nothing more than elevated B-movies now seems like a distant memory. In the past two decades, superhero stories have become the most dominant form of mass entertainment, with the characters of Marvel and DC comics populating some of the...

There Are No More Laws Preventing Studios from Owning Movie Theaters. Now What?

2 months ago by Danny Gallagher
For the last 77 years, it's been illegal for a movie studio to own a movie theater. That law is no longer on the books. The Paramount Consent Decrees were established by a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 1948 called U.S. vs. Paramount Pictures preventing film studios from owning licenses...

Are You Sick of Hamilton Already? Check Out These Other Musicals

3 months ago by Alexandra Lang
Since its opening in 2015, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop musical phenomenon about the life of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, has become a cultural sensation, and one of the only shows to unite theater’s biggest fans and those who eschew show tunes at all costs — gripping audiences with its inspiring story...

Dallas Theaters Are Opening Their Curtains Online, Live and at Drive-Ins

4 months ago by Anna Lowery
Those of us still sheltering in place because of the pandemic are getting tired of the same old entertainment on streaming sites; those of us beginning to tentatively venture outside our houses are eager to find live entertainment in a socially distanced world. Artists, too, hunger to provide entertainment and...

Called for Face-Masking: Texas’ Favorite Sport Must Tackle a Deadly Opponent

4 months ago by Richie Whitt
No pass, no play. In 1984, that was the blunt nickname of sweeping educational reform led by Dallas businessman Ross Perot that mandated Texas high-school athletes make a grade of 70-plus in all classes or be sidelined in their sport. In 2020, it’s potentially life or death. Dictated by the...

All Film Fests Are Canceled for the Year, but May We Offer Some Substitutions?

6 months ago by Liam Gaughan
The pandemic has affected almost all forms of business, but it's impact on the entertainment industry has been particularly swift. Throughout the world, productions have been shut down, with major studios like Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros, and Apple closing sets and sending crew members home. Many of the year’s most...

Why You Should Celebrate The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s 45th Anniversary Before It’s Too Late

9 months ago by Liam Gaughan
Rarely does a film come along that stays in theaters longer than the first few months of release. Of course, most films aren’t The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a musical/ comedy/ science fiction/horror phenomenon that has continuously screened in select theaters for 45 years. The cult classic follows the adventures...

Before Shutting Down SXSW and Everything Else, Maybe Think

8 months ago by Jim Schutze
Tuesday when I wrote this thing, the list of entities and people pulling out of SXSW because of coronavirus, according to the Austin American-Statesman, included Facebook, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Intel, Mashable, the Global Alternative Food Awards and a trade show for Chinese companies called China Gathering. As for China...

From Giant Poop Emojis to Trench Memoirs, Flight School Studio Lets Passion Lead

9 months ago by Chase Carter
What does a giant poop emoji in Klyde Warren Park and an award-nominated console game about pinball and swords have in common? Both projects, along with a slew of other creative endeavors, spring from the minds at Flight School Studio.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.