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Stopped Halfway: Stars Fall to St. Louis in Double-Overtime Game 7 Thriller

12 days ago by Chris Wolfgang
As the crow flies, Dallas and St. Louis are separated by 547 miles. In this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, the distance between the Stars and the Blues was much closer. Through the first six games of their playoff series, each team had won three games. Each had scored sixteen goals...

Humbled Proud Boy: Attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke Claims an Internet ‘Stalker’ Is Ruining His Life

1 month ago by Christian McPhate
Jason Lee Van Dyke sat at a table next to his defense lawyer in a Denton County courtroom, listening as an attorney for the Texas State Bar spoke about how fearful she was when she received his email message threatening her life. At 38, Van Dyke is stocky like a...

Whole Lot of Wriggling Going On at (White) Citizens Matter Mayoral Forum

2 months ago by Jim Schutze
Probably out of sheer meanness, like bug-killing, I enjoy seeing politicians pitch themselves to really loony audiences. I like to watch them wriggle. There can't have been any other reason I interrupted a perfectly fine Monday evening and drove north to the Churchill Rec Center to witness the Citizens Matter...

After Catching Fire Over a Year Ago, Smokey John's BBQ Makes a Triumphant Return

4 months ago by Dalila Thomas
The storm is over. That’s what it felt like in Smokey John’s on the last Tuesday of January. Not just because the lunch rush had finally subsided, but because they were finally back open after 15 months. The restaurant, which had been closed over a year after a devastating fire,...

Today's Press Needs to Be Revolutionary, Not "Above Reproach"

6 months ago by Jim Schutze
The nation seems to be splitting in half, so why shouldn’t journalism? Right now we seem to have two camps — the half of the craft that recognizes the kind of lying crooks they’re dealing with and knows what it will take to beat them and the other half, the...

Heartstrings and Purse Strings Tugged in Tough Council Debate on Housing the Poor

7 months ago by Jim Schutze
A lot of the time, probably too much, we talk about the Dallas City Council strictly in terms of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, death, famine, war and conquest. There’s more to it than those four guys. A recent debate about a run-down apartment complex in far West Dallas...

Grazing Pains

16 years ago by Dave Faries
Every kid growing up in the 1960s wanted to be a cowboy. What a life: blasting away at white guys dressed as Indians, slaughtering buffalo just for fun, git'n the doggies along. Of course, Kevin Costner spoiled it all for later generations. Images of sensitive frontier ranch hands munching on...

The Hate U Give Gives Powerful Voice to a Young Woman’s Outrage

7 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
The Hate U Give takes time to focus on the nuances of Starr’s life, on the ways Williamson has split her consciousness, on the effort of code-switching, on the layers of self that Starr must sort through in everyday interactions

Eugene Jarecki’s The King Loads Elvis and America Into a Wood Chipper Aimed at Your Face

10 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
... It’s as scattered and disorienting as the infamous LP Having Fun With Elvis On Stage, an official cheapie that consisted of nothing but the King’s between-songs ‘70s stage banter

10 Questions: Amity Thomas

10 years ago by Dave Faries
Every couple minutes, a little ping from the computer tells food writers another email from some public relations person somewhere has arrived. Yes, we complain about the pestering. But without Thomas and her ilk, news of grand openings, upcoming events, menu changes and the like would be slow to filter...

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