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Times New Viking

12 years ago by Michael Gallucci
Columbus, Ohio's Times New Viking takes a cue from fellow Ohioans Guided by Voices, recording fuzzy indie-rock under a thick gauze of guitar noise. There's little to no production on the feedback-soaked Rip It Off, which includes zero bass or bottom end to balance out the meter-tipping squall. It's an...

Aural Ambush: Times New Viking

12 years ago by Pete Freedman
This week, armed again with our discman, headphones and camera, we ambushed unsuspecting citizens at The Shops at Legacy in Plano, where we’ll be spending at least part of our weekend. We played our victims the song “(My Head)” by Times New Viking of Columbus, Ohio. The track is on...

Times New Viking, Crystal Antlers

9 years ago by Kelly Dearmore
Times New Viking is another recent example of a band that's realized that it can be pretty fun to fully utilize the expensive studio amenities that its record label is providing. Following in the recent sonic footprints as bands such as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Harlem,...

Yo La Tengo,Times New Viking

10 years ago by Chris Parker
Like a healthy tan or acting natural, Ohio trio Times New Viking is an oxymoron. The group is abrasive yet warm, chaotic but crisp, sweet and sour. It's Modern Lovers consulting Swell Maps while pursued by Dinosaur Jr. TNV couch innocent, straightforward melody within ragged structures sturdy as a condemned...

Over the Weekend: Yo La Tengo, Times New Viking at the Granada Theater

10 years ago by Darryl Smyers
Yo La Tengo, Times New VikingGranada TheaterJanuary 30, 2010Much better than: staying home watching the Mavericks lose to the Blazers. A sold-out crowd got out of the cold weather and into the warm confines of The Granada Theater Saturday night to catch the iconic indie rock band Yo La Tengo...

HEALTH, Times New Viking, Axemen, Teenage Cool Kids

10 years ago by Daniel Rodrigue
In what's likely to be remembered as one of the best Dallas shows of '09, Los Angeles' Health and Ohio's Times New Viking will share a bill in town before heading off to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest. And, for each of these acts, 2009 has already been a...

Over The Weekend: HEALTH, Times New Viking at The Lounge on Elm Street

10 years ago by Pete Freedman
HEALTH, Times New VikingThe Lounge on Elm StreetNovember 6, 2009Better than: a visit to the free clinic. Even the bands noticed it: Something was just off about The Lounge on Elm Street on Friday night."There's kind of a weird vibe in here," Times New Viking drummer/vocalist Adam Elliott said, somewhat...

Last Night: Deerhunter, Times New Viking and Nite Jewel at The Loft

11 years ago by Pete Freedman
Deerhunter, Times New Viking, Nite JewelThe LoftDecember 1, 2008Better than: Going to Vietnam, only to return with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (Get it, movie buffs?) Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, with bells on. (Mikey Harris)With the bitter cold, little advertising and a post-holiday Monday for a booking date, the odds were stacked...

Weekend Roundup: Times New Viking, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, David Cook

10 years ago by Jayme Rutledge
Times New Viking on Friday at The Lounge on Elm Street:In lieu of any quality video from last night's Snoop Dogg concert, I give you Ohio's pride and joy, Times New Viking. After playing The Lounge, the band headed down to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest. And, according to...

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