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Mayor and Morning News Deserve No Credit for Cleaning Up VisitDallas

9 days ago by Jim Schutze
Sam Coats, named last week to take over as the interim leader of the scandal-plagued Dallas convention and visitors bureau, called VisitDallas, is the perfect guy. He has a deep international résumé as a fixer of broken companies and a turnaround artist. He has experience as an elected official and mayoral...

Real-Life Mortician Band ManifestiV Release Two Remixes, Radiohead Cover

26 days ago by David Fletcher
ManifestiV is a tough band to categorize. Consisting of an electronic vibraphone played by Eve Walding (aka EvE) and guitar player Paragraph Taylor, this experimental industrial couple trades vocal duties while making music that sounds synth-backed and filled with crushed beats and fuzzy guitars. ManifestiV released their second album, God...

Humbled Proud Boy: Attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke Claims an Internet ‘Stalker’ Is Ruining His Life

1 month ago by Christian McPhate
Jason Lee Van Dyke sat at a table next to his defense lawyer in a Denton County courtroom, listening as an attorney for the Texas State Bar spoke about how fearful she was when she received his email message threatening her life. At 38, Van Dyke is stocky like a...

On His New Album, Charlie Shafter Explores His Own “Helplessness and Hopelessness”

4 months ago by Kelly Dearmore
With the release of his third album, When I Was Yours and You Were Mine, Fort Worth-based songwriter Charlie Shafter has his first record since his self-titled album in 2012. Fueled by an eventful set of personal peaks and valleys, Shafter’s new set of songs simply had to be recorded...

Explosive Widows Dares to Be So Much More Than a Heist Flick

6 months ago by April Wolfe
This thoughtful, textured story — though brutal at times — stands as one of the clearest depictions of turmoil, racism and nepotism in local politics that’s ever been drawn onscreen

Painful Memories

12 years ago by Darryl Smyers
If ever there were a band that represented the popular heights and resounding depths of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, it's Badfinger. Coming together in the early '70s, the band benefited from its association with the Beatles (Paul McCartney wrote Badfinger's first hit, "Come and Get It") and the Apple...

Royal Pains

13 years ago by J.hoberman
he Queen is more fun than any movie about the violent death of a 36-year-old woman has a right to be. It's also as exotic an English-language picture as the season is likely to bring. Directed by Stephen Frears from Peter Morgan's script, The Queen is set in the peculiar...

Painful With Drawl

16 years ago by Elaine Liner
Each scene in The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild, now onstage at Contemporary Theatre of Dallas, is introduced with a cutesy caption projected on a screen. "Somewhere in Wyoming," it'll say in white Courier font on a black background, or "Busted flat in Babylon." Tennessee Williams first used this...

Pain & Ink

19 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
"Hey, lookit -- Superman's got a boner," says The Joker, giggling beneath his white makeup. "Hey, Superman! Is that kryptonite in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?" The Joker keeps laughing, and suddenly, beneath the green hair and purple suit, he sounds like a 12-year-old girl, perhaps...

Red Dirt Country Pioneers, Jason Boland and The Stragglers Are at Texas Live! Tonight

9 months ago by Cody Starr
Twenty years in, those who follow Jason Boland would unanimously agree that he and his band, The Stragglers, are putting out their best music to date. Two decades is a long time, maybe not long enough to use the term “legend,” but no doubt Boland is forever etched into red...

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