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Patriots Day Finds Mark Wahlberg Caught Between Fiction and Real Disaster

2 years ago by Michael Nordine
For better and for worse, Peter Berg has found his genre. After oscillating between sports (Friday Night Lights), superheroes (Hancock) and even board games (Battleship) without much distinction, the writer, director, producer and actor has made a loose trilogy in which Mark Wahlberg reenacts recent tales of American heroism. Lone...

Terlingua Cooks Spice Up a New Year's Favorite

9 years ago by Hanna Raskin
A maverick and an outlander took second and third places in Terlingua's 20th annual Black-Eyed Pea Off this weekend. About three dozen cooks entered the benefit contest, which got its start as a showdown between Desert Deli Diner owner Pam Ware and Tommy Hancock, owner of Lubbock's legendary Cotton Club...

As Dallas Boarding Homes Struggle, City Hall Sits on its Hands

7 years ago by Anna Merlan
The first few months after her husband died, Heather Boulware was fine. She didn't feel fine, of course, but she managed to keep taking the medications she'd been prescribed five years before to treat her bipolar disorder and continued to care for the couple's three children. "I was doing what...

Show Announcements: Sorta Reunion, Bitter End, Fair To Midland, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Sarah Jaffe, Murder By Death, Ozomatli, Sevendust, Jeff Beck, Yanni and More.

9 years ago by Daniel Hopkins
It's no secret that the folks over at AllGood Cafe have always loved the band Sorta, the now-defunct Dallas supergroup that called it quits shortly after the untimely and shocking death of Dallas music legend Carter Albrecht. Since that breakup, the band's members haven't disappeared from the regional limelight, though;...

Some things he did

19 years ago by Jeff Liles
To those who knew Roxy Gordon, the news of his passing on February 7 may have caught them a little off guard, but the official cause of death didn't come as much of a surprise: cirrhosis of the liver. The man loved his liquor. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but...


24 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
History lessons The Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum is fast becoming a Texas-music museum, where the state's best (and the rest, God bless Tommy Alverson and Ed Burleson forever) are on a permanently rotating display that changes every weekend. The best live-music venue in town--a nearly century-old German...

The unusual suspects

24 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
In 10 years of the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference in Austin--the annual gathering of music-bizzers that has become the largest such confab of its kind, drawing well over 5,000 registrants and more than 600 bands--there have been plenty of great concerts and a myriad of impressive showcases...

Wide open spaces

20 years ago by Rob Patterson
Ed Burleson is one of them folks who can't help but be country -- and, more than that, Texas country. You could say it's in his blood, type TX-positive. A sixth-generation Texan, he's the direct descendant and namesake of Gen. Edward Burleson, a commander at the Battle of San Jacinto...

2001 Dallas Observer Music Awards

18 years ago by Zac Crain
It never works: Trying to pick a winner before the race is over, calling the election before every pencil mark and mouse click is accounted for, tabulated. (Insert your own Dan Rather/Peter Jennings/Tom Brokaw joke here, because we don't feel like it.) There are always upsets, last-minute votes, surprises. For...

Glory and injustice

23 years ago by Josh Alan Friedman
Asked if anyone in history has played bass more than himself--in terms of sheer numbers of successful records--Chuck Rainey shrugs. "I don't think so," he says. Rainey's bass work appears on essential albums by Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Quincy Jones, King Curtis, the Rascals, the Jackson Five, Marvin Gaye, and...

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