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Waylon Jennings

20 years ago by Rob Patterson
Waylon Jennings It's ironic how country music, once a realm where the adage "respect your elders" was all but religious law, has become so negligent of its aging Great Men. Even the youth-obsessed rock and pop game doesn't urge its elders out to pasture in the lazy and fattening grasses...

Waylon Jennings and the .357's

11 years ago by Martin Cizmar
With his final works, the American Recordings series, Johnny Cash had some of his biggest commercial and critical success, setting the bar ridiculously high for departed country singers. On Waylon Forever, which is billed as the country outlaw's final record, Jennings doesn't come close to Cash—although the record does have...

Waylon Jennings Helped Discover Beaumont Native Jesse Dayton

1 year ago by Nicholas Bostick
Jesse Dayton got his start at a young age, sneaking into honky-tonks and jamming with zydeco bands as a teenager in Beaumont. He’s spent the last four years touring the country on the biggest run of his career as a solo act. But while his love of music was always...

Old 97's and Waylon Jennings Collaborations Will Finally Get a Full Release

6 years ago by Kiernan Maletsky
In 1996, Dallas' Old 97's played a few songs with Waylon Jennings in Nashville. Those songs never saw the light of day until Record Store Day this year, when they came out as a limited-release 7". But now, Omnivore Recordings will be giving the two songs a wide release, along...

Cody Jinks and Paul Cauthen Take You to 'Luckenbach, Texas' with Waylon Jennings Cover

2 years ago by Tyler Hicks
Waylon Jennings may have never been to Luckenbach, Texas, but his hit song about the town traveled to the top of the charts when Jennings dropped it more than 40 years ago. Now, two Lone Star State stars are honoring Jennings with a cover of the No. 1 jam that...

"Honky Tonk Heroes" and Other Waylon Jennings Hits at Abbott High School in 1973

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Billboard's account of Willie Nelson's all-star homecoming concert in Abbott in the fall of '73​This is not your work-week rock-and-roll-and adios -- that'll more than likely come tomorrow morning. But this'll do. While we await a piece from Patrick Michels about some doings at Cliff Manor this afternoon, I wanted...

Waylon Away

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Waylon Jennings died of complications from diabetes on February 12, 2002, at his Arizona home. He was only 64 and had not released an album since 1998's prophetically titled Closing in on the Fire, which suggested he could be as viable a performer and songwriter as his outlaw pals Willie...

Koe Wetzel and Shooter Jennings Headline Ranch Bash 2018 This Saturday

7 months ago by Cody Starr
For those tired of being holed up all week because of the cold, rainy weather, there’s a big party happening Saturday in Fort Worth. Fort Worth’s music scene continues to blossom, and at the center is a little radio station nestled in Sundance Square. For 15 years, 95.9 FM The...

Randy Rogers Band Gets By With a Little Help From Its Heroes on Hellbent

1 month ago by Kelly Dearmore
When legendary rocker Tom Petty died on Oct. 2, 2017, the world lost one of the true greats of American music. As millions of fans around the world spent the days immediately following the shocking news by sharing cherished Petty memories on social media and listening to the four decades’...

For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Waylon at the Tarrant County Convention Center in '76

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Been thinkin' about Waylon Jennings quite a bit this week; can't imagine why. Even went home Wednesday night and dug out the re-release of the 1976 classic Waylon Live, fleshed out years later to 42 tracks of can't-beat-it country music recorded in Austin and at The Western Place, "a classy,...

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