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Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bill Declaring a Quanah Parker Day

16 hours ago by Karen Gavis
Known as “Lords of the Plains,” the Comanche Indians earned their reputation as fierce warriors and highly skilled horsemen. Quanah Parker is known as the last chief of the Quahada branch of the tribe. Parker was the son of Comanche Chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, a white woman who...

Clyde Valentin Breaks Down Community Barriers with Ignite Arts Program at SMU

16 hours ago by Atheena Frizzell
Dissecting Clyde Valentin’s mind is much like looking at a city's map. There are divisions and crossroads and, mostly, the bridges that he wants to cross. He builds by day, charts unmapped territory, and finds ways to see the city of Dallas through an unfiltered lens. His most steadfast effort...

This Pride Month, Lyft Offers Free Dallas Courthouse Rides to Everyone Who’s Getting Married

16 hours ago by Brad LaCour
Pride month may almost be over, but it’s not too late to make a grand gesture for that special someone. For those in the LGBTQ+ community ready to celebrate their love with the sanctity of marriage but lacking the gas money to do it, ride-share service Lyft will provide a...

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Diverted Bonus to Private Company, Lawsuit Claims

16 hours ago by Chase Carter
A new filing by Wade Callender, former corporate counsel for Frisco-based game developer Gearbox Software, provided evidence that CEO Randy Pitchford diverted $12 million dollars from Gearbox to his personal company. The amended petition is the latest entry...

Sad Summer Festival Might Be Better, and Sadder, than Warped Tour

16 hours ago by Chelsey Norris
Summer is officially here, which means scorching hot temps, vacations and, of course, music festivals. There are plenty to choose from, like Coachella (in April, but we’ll still count it), Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo. But what if sad songs are what truly make you happy? If that’s the...

A Moment of Silence, Please. Jonathan Stickland Is Done in the Texas House.

16 hours ago by Stephen Young
This spring, Bedford state Rep. Jonathan Stickland finally passed a bill. It took four terms in office and dozens of dramas big and small, but Stickland pushed through his long-desired ban on red-light cameras. Turns out, finally getting on the legislative board took all that Stickland had to give. The...

Cowtown Brewing Company Is an Easy-Drinking Tribute to its City — With Barbecue, too

16 hours ago by Kelly Dearmore
Longhorns, honky tonks, dancing tumbleweed, dusty cowboy boots and tobacco-chewing ranch hands are just some of the images that pop into the imaginations of the city folk unfamiliar with what life is really like in modern Fort Worth. Of course, Fort Worth is as much a gleaming metropolis as any...

Louie King BBQ Closed After Just 6 Months, But Stiky Ribz Takes Its Place on Greenville

16 hours ago by Chris Wolfgang
It seems logical to assume that opening a new restaurant would take lots of planning. Perhaps the future owners would scout locations, do some research about the neighborhood and line up finances. Then there's build-out, menu planning, stocking the kitchen and training staff. Months might go by, or maybe a...

Here’s What You Should Do If You’re in the Texas Driver Responsibility Program

16 hours ago by Stephen Young
It sounded almost too good to be true. Two weeks ago, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill killing the state's hated Driver Responsibility Program, which has led to 1.3 million Texans having their driver's licenses suspended. On Sept. 1, the day the program officially ends, more than 630,000 people...

A Noble Cause: Midlake’s McKenzie Smith Reacts to Community Support for His Son

16 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Late last month, longtime Midlake band member McKenzie Smith and his wife, Felicia, weren’t sure if their unborn son, Garrett Noble, would survive very long after birth or be born alive at all. “The day we delivered [Noble], all of our family came into town because we were prepared for...

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