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19 Things to Do in Dallas, Dec 9-15

9 hours ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, Dec. 9 Caroling in the Arts DistrictCaroling in the Arts District Ah, caroling, that holiday tradition in which groups of strangers come to your home or accost you on the street and sing Christmas songs at you until you give them money. How is that legal? Seriously, robbery at...

As If in Camelot, Dallas Mayor Johnson Orders an End to Murder

19 hours ago by Jim Schutze
So the mayor has changed his mind. After ducking crime and a soaring murder rate in his election campaign last summer, after handing it all off to a study commission when he got elected, now all of a sudden Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson sees a murder crisis in the city...

7 Dinners to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dallas

19 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
This past year in Dallas was a big year for food, with several top chefs opening restaurants in the year, along with the city receiving coveted title. Next year looks to be even bigger for Bon Appétit’s Restaurant City of the Year, with more developments to open and with international...

Quotes of the Year: 2019

19 hours ago by Stephen Young
The Observer spends a lot of time — perhaps too much time, according to some of you in the peanut gallery — trying to read between the lines. The words that politicians, preachers and Dallas Cowboys owners say often aren't as important as the subtext. Sometimes, though, when the sun is...

Oak Cliff Native Judah Left Prison Behind and Found Success with African and Rastafarian Shop

19 hours ago by Malen Blackmon
During a seven-year stint in federal prison, a man who goes simply by "Judah" found something that people around the world chase after their whole lives (and still might never find): peace and meaning. The past may mold, but not define, an individual — and the Oak Cliff native and...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Ariana Grande, the Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony, CHON and More

19 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
There are plenty of great acts to see this week, but let's start with the free ones. You can catch The Funky Knuckles at Three Links or the Revelers Hall Band at Revelers Hall this week at no cost if you're looking for something light. But if you're looking to...

Brian Luscher Lands at 33 Restaurant Group

19 hours ago by Taylor Adams
We all sighed with disappointment when The Grape closed, but we also kept an ear out for where chef Brian Luscher would wind up next. 33 Restaurant Group is lucky enough to get him as its new director of culinary operations. He'll be working with the group's restaurants, which include...

Visa Delays, Denials Cause Headaches for Would-Be Texas International Students

19 hours ago by Silas Allen
For decades, American colleges and universities have seen attracting students from overseas as a benefit for both sides — those students bring diverse viewpoints and backgrounds, as well as tuition dollars, to American schools. In return, they go home with an education and work experience that could put them ahead...

Dallas’ Best New Restaurants in 2019 Were Casual (and Affordable)

19 hours ago by Brian Reinhart
2019 was a banner year for Dallas restaurants. A wave of new openings made splashes in the food scene, and our restaurants and chefs as a whole made a splash nationally, too. Between recognition in the pages of Bon Appétit magazine and rejuvenated neighborhood dining, the picture of this city’s...

We Ordered the Baby Yoda Frappuccino at Starbucks and It WORKED!

19 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
There's a little Baby Yoda around the internet, and he's just so cute, Starbucks is getting involved. We caught wind of a Baby Yoda Frappuccino at the coffee chain and rock-paper-scissored to see which lucky writer would go order it. We needed proof that matcha green tea, caramel, ice and whipped...

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