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'Sir, This is a Wendy's': The Odd Story of a City Council Candidate with a Kitchen Knife

15 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
After about 30 minutes of talking to the parties involved, the police said no criminal mischief had occurred and asked everyone to leave.

In Texas, Students and Educators Are Ready to Kick STAAR Test to the Curb

15 hours ago by Simone Carter
State lawmakers and teachers' advocates are calling for the end of STAAR testing.

Corporate Donors Bankrolling Texas Lawmakers Behind 'Voter Suppression' Bills

15 hours ago by Patrick Strickland
Three of Texas' largest corporate donors have 'given $493,000 to Texas state Senators who sponsored SB 7, many of whom had troubling prior histories of racism, discrimination or voter suppression,' says Accountable.US.

What to Make in These MLB-Themed Dutch Ovens

15 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
Baseball is back, and nothing can stop us from being happy about it. Apart from the pandemic. And the All-Star Game controversy. And the Rangers being mediocre at best. OK, so this season probably won’t be one we tell our grandkids about. Nevertheless, the cookware company Le Creuset has given...

12 Things to Do in Dallas, April 21–28

15 hours ago by Raven Jordan
Wednesday, April 21 Lotería Night Have you ever wanted to play lotería but don’t know Spanish? Well, now’s your chance. Oak Cliff Brewing Co. is hosting its own Loteria Night. All the lotería cards will be projected onto a big screen, so no need to know the difference between El...

Texas Nationalists See Secession Looming. Does Anyone Else?

15 hours ago by Patrick Strickland
State Rep. Kyle Biedermann filed a bill to allow Texans to vote on independence from the U.S. The Texas Nationalist Movement sees an opportunity to push secession.

Don't Panic, Morrissey: The Simpsons Is Giving You Cultural Relevance Again

15 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Lisa Simpson isn’t the character Smiths fans thought they’d relate to this week, but thanks to an episode of The Simpsons that aired Sunday night called “Panic on the Streets of Springfield,” this is where we are. And, due to the incredibly satirical and irreverent nature of the show, heaven...

Kessler Baking Studio Seduces with Spicy Chocolate Biscotti; Plus Saturday Coffee Pop-Up

15 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
If you’re one who is, at least on occasion, motivated by food but hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve got some potential gaming-changing news. The James Beard semifinalist baker Clyde Greenhouse of Kessler Baking Studio is offering a sweet incentive. Greenhouse started baking more than 20 years ago and in 2014...

A Ranking of the Best Movie Stoners Based on How Much We Want to Get High With Them

1 day ago by Liam Gaughan
Unlike last year's virtual celebrations, this year’s 420 festivities could allow a good smoke circle among vaccinated friends. We’d also guess that setting up a Zoom meeting might be a challenge depending on how high you are. Disappointed stoners may have flocked to weed-centric movies last year when they couldn’t...

10 Fun Dallas Coffee Shops to Socialize, Caffeinate or Chill In

2 days ago by Kristina Rowe
As life begins to return to some semblance of normal, we can’t wait for coffee shops to be more than quick stops for morning fuel. The coffee shop as a gathering place is one of the things we missed most in the past year. Cafes all around Dallas are welcoming...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.