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All The Crazy Things Borat Did in Texas

12 hours ago by Liam Gaughan
Borat is back! 14 years after the mockumentary films Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan made headlines for its controversial hidden camera pranks and searing cultural commentary, Sacha Baron Cohen has returned to his signature role with a sequel that tackles on everything from...

Atatiana Jefferson Memorial Parkway Approved by Fort Worth City Council

23 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
The Fort Worth City Council approved renaming a portion of the street where Atatiana Jefferson was killed in her honor.

This Texas Republican Congressional Ad Would Make Michael Bay Weep

23 hours ago by Simone Carter
A campaign ad featuring six Texas Republican congressional candidates is alleged to have used Russian and Israeli stock film footage.

Music News: New Bohemians Drop New Single, Dolly Parton Makes Stephen Colbert Cry

23 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Your week in music news, in case you missed it: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians released their first single, “My Power,” off the upcoming album Hunter and the Dog Star this Wednesday. This week we announced the 2020 Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees. The 32nd annual event will be a...

Kill Tony's Jeremiah Watkins on the Audience Every Comedian Dreads

23 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
Comedians may be fearless enough to get on stage and perform, but steel nerves and supernatural bravery don't help when facing a particular kind of audience. We're not talking about talent scouts from major cable networks who sum up entire careers based on two minutes of material nor about mobs...

Greenville Avenue Pizza Partners with Cafe Momentum

23 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Greenville Avenue Pizza Co. frequently has pizza specials on the menu, but now it has a pie created with the help of interns from downtown’s Cafe Momentum. This news was supposed to come out months ago, “but then COVID hit so it got pushed back several months, but we are...

Former Employee and Redfield's Respond to Recording with Homophobic Comments

1 day ago by Alex Gonzalez
A Medical District sports bar is under fire after owners allegedly made homophobic comments. In a recording obtained by Dallas Voice, Redfield's Tavern owners Joe Tillotson and Scott Cecill were identified (by a source to the Voice) as having expressed displeasure toward LGBTQ clientele and employees in a conversation with...

Legalizing Weed Would Make Texas $500 Million a Year in Tax Revenue, New Report Says

2 days ago by Simone Carter
Legalizing marijuana could make Texas beaucoup bucks.

Pope's Support of Same-Sex Civil Unions Could Influence Other Denominations

2 days ago by Jacob Vaughn
Pope Francis said same-sex couples can walk down the aisle as long as it's to form a civil union. Members and supporters of Dallas’ LGBTQ+ community say the pope’s comments are a step in the right direction.

Fried Chicken Sandwich Review: Whataburger's Spicy Take

2 days ago by TC Fleming
There sure are a lot of spicy items these days. At the Observer, we’ve recently noted spicy nuggets from McDonald’s and a spicy chicken sandwich from Shake Shack. Of course, Popeyes included a spicy option when introducing its chicken sandwich. Why the emphasis on spicy? One contributing factor could be...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.