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Take a Look at the Ezekiel Elliott Confrontation Video, and Judge for Yourself

15 hours ago by Stephen Young
It's almost summer in Dallas, which means a couple of things: unbearable heat is just around the corner and Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott has gotten himself involved in a situation he had no business getting himself involved in. This time Elliott didn't commit an unforced error at the...

The Greeting Committee Discuss New Album Ahead of Their Dallas Show

15 hours ago by Brad LaCour
When Kansas City, Missouri-based band The Greeting Committee saw their song “Hands Down” become a radio hit, peaking at No. 39 on the Billboard Alternative chart, there were no cracked bottles of Champagne or VIP rooms reserved at an exclusive club. It’s not to say that the four-piece band weren’t...

Texas Is Going to Save Chick-fil-A, Whether You Like It or Not

15 hours ago by Stephen Young
All this because San Antonio didn't want a Chick-fil-A in its airport. The Texas House of Representatives signed off on Texas Senate Bill 1978 on Monday, saving Texas Republicans from their worst fears about religious discrimination or opening the state's LGBTQ community up to further discrimination, depending on who's talking...

Aaron Carter Is Forever a Prisoner of His Past, as He Proved on Sunday Night

15 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
Somewhere in Hollywood, a music industry bigwig is looking out his office window, Macallan scotch in hand, and somberly reflecting on how he could have made prodigious strides in his career had he acted on a business opportunity he initially declined. “This is terrible,” says the music executive to himself...

Globe Life Park Doubles Down on Vegan With Plant-Based Food and Lab-Grown Meat

15 hours ago by Paige Weaver
Baseball and hot dogs go hand in hand. Globe Life Park, home of the Rangers, has been reimagining the classic hot dog in recent years. Last year, they brought us the Dilly Dog, a frank stuffed into a hollowed-out pickle, which is then battered and fried, corny dog-style. This year,...

A True Neighborhood Joint, Lewisville’s TKO Libations Isn’t Quite Ready for Out-of-Towners

15 hours ago by Kelly Dearmore
The brewpub TKO Libations, nestled in the Castle Hills neighborhood of Lewisville, is a great option for Lewisville beer-lovers but isn't yet worth making a pilgrimage to it from afar.

Proof That Texans Have the Sexiest Accents

15 hours ago by Paige Skinner
Texas is No. 34 in education but No. 1 in sexiness! Yes, you, I, we — we are the sexy people. Well maybe not our faces or our personalities, but our voices! Man! Have you heard the news? People looooove Texan accents. Big Seven Travel surveyed a bunch of horny...

We Asked a Teenage Fashion Blogger to Put Looks Together from a Cheap Thrift Store

15 hours ago by Isabel Arcellana
Sophie McGuire is a 17-year-old blogger living her best life in Highland Park. You can find her shopping at the Highland Park Village, taking pictures for her fashion blog, Much Love Sophie, or for her Instagram, which has close to 16,000 followers. We asked McGuire to meet in a thrift...

The DMA’s Dior Retrospective Honors a Fashion God With a Worthy Altar

15 hours ago by Eva Raggio
In past years, the Dallas Museum of Art has honored haute couture with captivating exhibitions, from the high-tech showing of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s outlandish designs to the sculptural avant-garde whimsy of Iris Van Herpen. The DMA's latest fashion retrospective is about the most iconic name yet. Dior: From Paris to the...

Texas Fixes Its Revenge Porn Law

1 day ago by Stephen Young
Texas likely won't have to wait on the courts to fix its 4-year-old revenge porn law. Sunday afternoon, the Texas Senate voted unanimously to support a change to the law that attempts to protect third parties' free-speech rights while allowing the statute to retain its teeth. "One out of every...

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