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In Surprise Move, Stars Dump Head Coach Jim Montgomery

2 hours ago by Stephen Young
This fall, Dallas Stars head coach Jim Montgomery was in trouble. His team, fresh off a surprise performance in the playoffs, began their 2019-20 campaign 1-7-1, striking a blow to their hope of returning to the postseason. Then Montgomery righted the ship, leading his team to a 16-4-2 record in...

It’s Always a Party With The Big Ass Brass Band

9 hours ago by Meredith Lawrence
The Dallas-based Big Ass Brass Band has become known in the Dallas music scene for the energy and joy they bring to the stage.

Dallas Has Been Dispatching Social Workers to Some 911 Calls. It’s Working.

9 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
Last year, Dallas' police and fire departments teamed up with Parkland Hospital to rethink how they responded to 911 calls involving mental health crises. They placed a social worker inside the dispatch center to triage calls and sent out a special team staffed with a mental health professional whenever possible...

The KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog Is a Thing, and It’s Already Sold Out (But We Can Still Dream)

9 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
I had a dream. A dream that when I brought a KFC Limited-Edition 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog as a white elephant gift for my family gathering, an actual wrestling match would break out; just like old times when my sister would hog the phone and my brother would unplug...

This North Texas Farm Is Creating a Space for Chefs

9 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Who doesn’t appreciate a farm-to-table dinner? Not just a “this onion came from 99 miles away and is now at your cloth-covered table in Oak Lawn,” but a “this okra came from that bush that’s 2 feet away from you on this farm.” That’s what Stacy and Aaron Reeves are...

Cowboys Find a (Not Unworthy) Scapegoat, Cut Kicker Brett Maher

9 hours ago by Stephen Young
After months of chronic failure, frustration and inaction, the Dallas Cowboys addressed one of their fans' biggest issues with the team Monday, firing someone who it's hard to believe hung on this long. Not that guy. Not the other one either. No, it's likely the third or fourth guy on...

‘I’m Going To Use My 5 Minutes, But Not to Ask Questions’: The Louie Gohmert Story

9 hours ago by Stephen Young
There's a chance, if someone isn't from Texas and doesn't watch much cable news, that he or she blessedly hasn't had much exposure to East Texas' U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert. For those babes in the proverbial woods, seeing Gohmert on TV in all his reddening glory must come with a...

Juice WRLD Performed a Crucial Public Service in Helping Young People Find Strength

9 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
In June, I had the pleasure of reviewing one of Juice WRLD’s two Bomb Factory sets, and I noticed something about him that was rare. He was popular enough to do a two-night stand at a 4,300-capacity venue, but at the same time, he was everyone’s little secret. You may...

Discworld Is Real! Dive into Flat Earth Culture at their Global, Sorry, International Conference

9 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
"Be nice." That's the text message my mom always sends when I'm heading into a situation that's controversial or ridiculous. A Twilight film marathon, a Logan Paul concert, even Fyre Festival II — it doesn't matter. She'll still send the text because she's sweet and concerned for her first born...

That Peloton Ad Isn’t Sexist. Here’s Why.

9 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Last month, an ad depicting a husband gifting his wife an exercise bike pissed off a lot of people. And as if there isn’t enough senseless outrage over innocuous things today, allow us to explain what a waste of time it is to be upset over this 30-second Peloton commercial...

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