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Dallas County Commissioners Look at Vaping After Illness Spike

3 hours ago by Stephen Young
Dallas County, at least to the extent that its county commissioners have a say, is ready to do something about e-cigarette and vape use. They made that much clear at their twice-monthly meeting Tuesday, whether anyone is sure about what's causing the illnesses likely tied to the practice or not...

City Still Pulling Scams to Force Only White Man on MLK To Sell

3 hours ago by Jim Schutze
In case anybody still has any doubt the city is trying to force Dale Davenport to sell his car wash, get a load of this. He’s the guy who owns a car wash on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Dallas — the one I call the only white...

Protesters Picket Outside Sen. John Cornyn’s Office, Demand Election Security

3 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
A dozen or so people gathered outside Sen. John Cornyn’s North Dallas offices Tuesday morning, urging the senator to support additional funding for election security. There were impromptu chants, cardboard signs — "Honk for Clean Elections” — and a man dressed as the Statue of Liberty whose headpiece kept flying...

Tiger Army’s New Record Is a Modern Blast From the Past

3 hours ago by Chelsey Norris
Let’s go back in time for just a moment. Word War II is over. We all have tons of extra money because America is in the midst of an economic boom. We like Ike. Elvis, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and The Everly Brothers are filling the airwaves with a new...

Texas GOP Circular Firing Squad Continues as Patrick, Sullivan Snipe on Twitter

3 hours ago by Stephen Young
One could be forgiven for almost forgetting about the tape. The Cowboys are 2-0. President Donald Trump is still doing Trump things almost every day, and it's still, nearly three weeks into September, hot enough to cause hallucinations across North Texas. The tape — the maybe bombshell, maybe MacGuffin that...

Jazz Singer Lizzi Trumbore Stands Up for Women After Experiencing Sexism at UNT

3 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
Lizzi Trumbore walks into a McDonald’s and confronts an internal conflict. “I had to ask myself, ‘Should I buy something?’” she reflects later, sitting in that same Mickey D’s. “On the one hand, McDonald’s is this big corporation. They don’t need my money. On the other hand, I feel weird...

Stephen Pyles Discusses Stampede’s Move North

3 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
Located inside the Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas Allen and Watters Creek Convention Center, Stampede 66 is back in North Texas. The concept by renowned chef Stephan Pyles offers guests a menu inspired by Pyles’ south Texas upbringing. Having originally opened in Uptown Dallas, Stampede 66 has found new life...

This Weekend: Addison Oktoberfest, a Downton Abbey-Inspired Tea and a Food Festival Fundraiser for Sandwich Hag’s Reyna Duong

3 hours ago by Paige Weaver
Join Cafe Momentum for a four-course dinner as staff members attempt to reach their goal of $150,000 in donations on North Texas Giving Day. A live show will begin at 7 p.m. featuring celebrity guests, chefs and musical entertainment from the Taylor Young Band. What: Momentum Live! on North Texas...

Your Guide to Getting Caught Up on RHOD Season 4

3 hours ago by Paige Skinner
Happy hump day. It is Wednesday. The third episode of season 4 of The Real Housewives of Dallas airs tonight. Isn't that exciting? Have you seen the first two episodes yet? A bunch of white women get mad at one another and they drink and do funny stuff. Oh, man...

Dallas’ Meadows Museum Collaborated with an English Museum for New Spanish Masters Exhibition

3 hours ago by Ana Astri-O'Reilly
What do a historic market town in the northeast of England and the city of Dallas have in common? For one, both share a love for Spanish art, but also, there are some similarities in the stories of the Bowes Museum from Barnard Castle and the Meadows Museum from Dallas...

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