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Lancaster Brothers Spread Their Wings to South Dallas

22 hours ago by Dalila Thomas
No one wing is created the same. When brothers Romello and Roland Truitt came together to start their restaurant Wings World, they wanted to create a product that represented what they liked. As is turns out, a lot of other people liked it, too. From opening the first Wings World...

The DOMA Ceremony Was a Gathering of Talent and Old Friends, But Erykah Badu Stole the Show

22 hours ago by Ryann Gordon
The red carpet rolled out at Canton Hall on Tuesday evening for the 31st annual Dallas Observer Music Awards ceremony. The venue was buzzing with excitement from the moment the doors opened, letting in lines of fur, sequins, leather and oh so many accessories. There’s no doubt it was the...

Double & Single Wide Warm Our Bellies with Mama’s Hot Mixes

22 hours ago by Susie Oszustowicz
To warm us up now that it's finally chilly (again), for the first time they're offering five of "Mama’s Hot Mixes".

Hot Take: Beverley’s Might Have the Best Brunch in Town

22 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Beverley’s had our attention before it opened last spring. It exudes charm on North Fitzhugh Avenue, on that strip between Cole Avenue and the Katy Trail. It looks like a fine place to eat and has that appearance of a place that would have a good brunch: bright colors with lots...

More and More Very Young Children Across the Nation Lack Health Insurance. Guess How Texas Fares.

22 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
Nearly a fifth of the nation’s youngest uninsured children live in Texas, a stark reminder that the state has some of the most restrictive policies in the nation governing healthcare benefits for its most vulnerable residents. More than 8% of Texan children under the age of 6 are not insured, according...

Dallas Settles With 2013 Shooting Victim for $610,000

22 hours ago by Stephen Young
Six years later, the legal battle between Dallas and Kelvion Walker is over. Wednesday afternoon, the Dallas City Council voted unanimously to give Walker $610,000, settling an ongoing federal lawsuit over a 2013 shooting. In December 2013, Dallas Police Department officer Amy Wilburn shot Walker as Walker sat in the...

Clues to Crime Problem and Murder Rate Could Be in MLK Boulevard 911 Calls

22 hours ago by Jim Schutze
The mayor wants an answer to the city’s astronomical murder rate — twice San Antonio’s, four times Austin’s — right away from the city manager. I can think of a quick way to get there. Release the record of 911 calls from Jim’s Car Wash. Wait. I’m serious. This is about...

‘God Bless Us, Every One!’ North Texas Performing Arts’ Scrooge the Musical Gives Back

22 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
Tonight kicks off the ninth year of North Texas Performing Arts’ annual production of Scrooge the Musical. It might ring a bell. It's Christmas time around 1843, and Ebenezer Scrooge (Darrell Rodenbaugh) has spent much of his life neglecting his loved ones and acquiring material possessions. He is granted one...

Robert ‘Jews Are Going to Hell’ Jeffress Stars at Trump Hanukkah Reception

22 hours ago by Stephen Young
President Donald Trump had a Hanukkah reception at the White House on Wednesday afternoon. That would've been weird enough, given that the president told an Israeli American organization Saturday that they had "no choice" to vote for him because Elizabeth Warren would "take 100% of (their) wealth away," but Trump...

A Bear Made Out of Leaves Appeared at the Brookhaven Campus This Week

22 hours ago by Malen Blackmon
A few Brookhaven College students made the most of their final art project this week inspired by a campus full of fallen leaves. They created Franklin the bear, who is the size of a cub, and who could be seen standing outside of the L Building on the steps of...

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