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21 Things To Do in Dallas This Week

53 minutes ago by The Mixmaster
Thursday Sanadora: Women’s Healing Theater, A Stage Trilogy showcases the healing roles that women play. Each woman character is a curandera (healer) whose pilgrimage examines three scenes tied together by a labyrinth, a pilgrimage and a voyage, which point out the inability to change destiny, unconditional love and a look...

You’re Not Seeing Things. Fossil Brought Back the Hologram Watch.

53 minutes ago by Danny Gallagher
The watchmaker Fossil has an interesting history of making watches that play outside the norms of faces with the simple digital watch and two arms. The Dallas-based timepiece company has produced wrist watches with hand-painted faces, watch hands sitting behind water-filled cases and even wearable sundials. Fossil brought back one of...

Artist Erica Stephens’ New Work Is a Middle Finger to Art Scene Sexism

53 minutes ago by Brittany Nunn
Dallas artist Erica Stephens is ready to get personal, and she doesn’t care if you like it or not. Her home is full of art depicting love and violence in preparation for shows that she says mark a turning point in her professional and personal life. “I was so scared...

Texas Lawmakers Leading the Anti-Abortion Effort Take a Gentler, More Tactical Approach

53 minutes ago by Stephen Young
Last week, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a piece of anti-abortion legislation that left Texas, one of the pro-life movement's biggest hotbeds, in the dust. Thanks to Kemp's signature, Georgia law now bans any abortion occurring more than six weeks into a pregnancy, creating an almost impossible window for women...

Dallas Journalist in Israel Boycott Suit Knows What the Screws Feel Like

53 minutes ago by Jim Schutze
George Hale is a journalist, an occupation that confers on him no special legal status beyond what any American citizen enjoys and may even, on any given day, rate him a little lower. Being a reporter has taught him that somebody at some point will always want to shut him...

Muhlaysia Booker Killing Similar to Other Attacks on Trans Women, DPD Says

53 minutes ago by Stephen Young
Last weekend's murder of Muhlaysia Booker was the third killing or assault of a Dallas transgender woman since October, Dallas police said Tuesday afternoon. Police found Booker shot to death early Saturday morning in Far East Dallas. "These cases, although not directly related at this time, do have similarities the...

Recording Artists Guild Expands to Dallas, Aims to Help Indie Artists Navigate Music Industry

53 minutes ago by Kristal Kuykendall
Every independent artist — at least those who want to make a living at music — must climb a mountain that seems insurmountable at best as they figure out on their own how to produce, protect and monetize their art in an industry that grows more complicated all the time...

Aquaman Actor Jason Momoa Is a Big Vincent Neil Emerson Fan

53 minutes ago by Garrett Gravley
Fort Worth's Vincent Neil Emerson has plenty of famous supporters, like his friends and fellow singer-songwriters Leon Bridges and Charley Crockett. But the country artist's newest fan has both Marvel-granted superpowers and been a Dothraki leader: Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa. If you have “Vincent Neil Emerson...

The Biscuit Bar Brings Biscuit Sandwiches and Cereal Cocktails to Highland Park

53 minutes ago by Alex Gonzalez
Plano biscuit restaurant The Biscuit Bar has become a fan favorite since opening in April 2018. Now, they've opened a second location near SMU and added new sandwiches and cereal-themed cocktails.

Dallas Gets Yet Another Shake Shack, This One Off Greenville Avenue

53 minutes ago by Beth Rankin
Shake Shack is opening its sixth DFW location, this one off Greenville Avenue in the Old Town Shopping Center.

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