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Ethan Persoff’s The Bureau Is a 202-Track Album, an 88-Page Comic and Now a Radio Drama

7 hours ago by Nicholas Bostick
Last year, Austin-based cartoonist, archivist and sound artist Ethan Persoff was in need of a break. Between the 2016 election of President Donald Trump and 2018, he says, he was filled with nervous stress and trepidation. But after spending two years glued to the news and social media debates over...

Swiss Pastry Shop Bakes Big Hair Kouign-Amanns, and They’re Beautiful

7 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Lately Fort Worth’s favorite Central European-inspired bakery, Swiss Pastry Shop, has been buzzing. This month they've partnered with Martin House Brewing Co. to create a brew that pays homage to the baker’s famed Black Forest Cake, which will certainly attract a frothing crowd. As it should. (Party note: The due...

Forget Expedia: Dallas Millennials Are Still Using Real Life Travel Agents

7 hours ago by Caroline Pritchard
We’ve all heard about cutting out the middle man, but what about bringing him back in? That’s what many people are doing when it comes to travel, and DFW travel agents are reaping the benefits. The 2019 “Portrait of the American Traveler” revealed that 24% of millennials have used a...

Jason Garrett Doomed the Cowboys in the First Quarter, Not the Fourth

7 hours ago by Stephen Young
If there's one thing all but the most fervent apologists for the Dallas Cowboys head coach can agree on, it's that Jason Garrett cost his team the game Sunday night against Minnesota. Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb did the best they could to save Garrett from himself, but...

Everything You’ve Heard About Viral Texas Custody Case Is Wrong

7 hours ago by Stephen Young
If you happen to follow any of Texas' Republican leadership on Twitter — and God bless you if you do — you've likely encountered the state GOP's latest cause célèbre: a child-custody dispute in Dallas County between a mom who says that one of her two 7-year-old twins is a trans...

FTC Approves Toothless Settlement with DFW Staffing Agencies over Wage Fixing Allegations

7 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
In March 2017, Neeraj Jindal had a problem. He ran a Richland Hills staffing agency that provided home health care agencies with therapists to do house calls. One of those agencies had just informed him that it was reducing the amount it would be paying for each house call. Jindal knew if...

Get Outside the Normal Pie Pan This Thanksgiving with These November Specials

7 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
Thanksgiving is just weeks away, and with Dallas having been named Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Appétit magazine, we certainly have a lot to be thankful for. As one can expect, many restaurants will be offering their own Thanksgiving specials. While you won’t be hard-pressed to find the...

These Gas Station Tacos Are a Cheap, Plentiful Marvel

7 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Getting tacos from an unnamed place in a Chevron and finding some incredible barbacoa is like discovering you're able to sense something in the future. Stumbling on something so unexpectedly great is like you’ve discovered you have a superpower. We’re not claiming anyone at the Observer has superpowers, but we...

Trump Challenges Fans To Rap as Part of the #MAGACHALLENGE. We Review 5 Submissions.

7 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
Last month, we published a think piece titled, “Trump’s Dallas Rally Proved One Thing: Conservatives Need to Promote Better Music,” which argued that the music that conservatives are using to advance their cause isn’t championed on the basis of artistic merit. Since we ran that piece in mid-October, Kanye West...

Dallas Fetish Ball Is Back and Will Offer a Spanking Booth, Torture Garden

7 hours ago by Malen Blackmon
There aren’t many places in public where people could get away with wearing a gimp suit or fetish wear, but the 2019 Dallas Fetish Ball 20th Anniversary is encouraging people to squeeze into the sluttiest, freakiest and kinkiest shit they got tucked back in the corner of their closet. The...

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