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X Opened for Squeeze at The Bomb Factory on Thursday, and It Made Perfect Sense

23 hours ago by David Fletcher
Celebrating their 45th anniversary as a band, Squeeze brought their Songbook tour to The Bomb Factory Thursday night with the foundational punk band X as their opening act. Once heralded by Rolling Stone as the heirs to the throne left vacant by The Beatles' John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the...

Jeff Goldblum and The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra’s Playful, Touching Sound Made It OK for Stars to Start Bands Again

23 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
When an editor gives one of their writers the task of covering a concert fronted by a celebrity who isn't known for their musical talents, it's either because they know that it will suck and the writer can turn such torture into something hilarious or the writer did something wrong...

What Makes Smithy’s Brunch Worth the Wait

1 day ago by Daniel Rockey
Brunch is a slow thing, sometimes taking up a sizable portion of your weekend morning as you sip drinks and chat with friends over a few eggs or something sweet. Brunch is the epitome of “taking it easy,” but to reach that lovely state of mind at Smithy on Henderson,...

Budget Bites: Get a Good Deal with Sixty Vines’ Happy Hour

1 day ago by Alex Gonzalez
Budget Bites is a series that looks for the best food and drink deals at restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth — because being on a budget doesn't mean you can't eat out in a city like Dallas. One of Dallas-Fort Worth’s popular wine bars finally has a happy hour. During “tappy...

A Sprouting Garden Is Sprawling on the Roof of Downtown Dallas’ Sheraton Hotel

1 day ago by Micah Moore
A desolate downtown rooftop has blossomed into a sprawling urban garden. This summer, the chefs at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel have quietly built a fruit and vegetable garden on its fourth-floor terrace called the Herb’n Jungle. Once a barren expanse of concrete, the terrace is now full of raised beds...

The State of Texas vs. Amber Guyger: Frequently Asked Questions

1 day ago by Stephen Young
Monday, one of Dallas' biggest trials of the 21st century is set to begin at the Dallas County Courthouse on Riverfront Boulevard. Amber Guyger, a former Dallas Police Department officer, is charged with murdering Botham Jean, a 26-year-old PriceWaterhouseCoopers employee. Guyger shot Jean, who lived in the apartment immediately above...

Deep Ellum Artists and Businesses Will Open Their Studio Doors to the Art-Loving Public This Weekend

1 day ago by Nicholas Bostick
Deep Ellum is a neighborhood that thrives on putting on events and showcasing talent both local and from around the world. Yet in all the excitement of Elm Street’s bold new buildings and booming amplifiers, it can sometimes be difficult to see all Deep Ellum truly has to offer. On...

The Suffers Discuss Returning to Dallas for First Time Since Being Robbed After Homegrown Fest

1 day ago by Garrett Gravley
Houston-based soul and R&B outfit The Suffers had some abysmal luck following a set at this year’s Homegrown Fest. As we reported back in April, the eight-piece band lost about $33,000 worth of equipment when thieves took off with the band’s detached trailer, which stood in the parking lot at...

Taco Not So Bueno: The Biggest Draft Busts of the Jerry Jones Era

1 day ago by Stephen Young
Let's start by giving credit where credit's due. For the last seven years, the Cowboys front office has performed spectacularly on draft day. The team's 2019 roster, arguably the Cowboys' most talented of the salary cap era, has been built almost exclusively through the draft, with the exception of Amari...

Tropical Storm Imelda Remnants Will Move into North Texas on Friday

1 day ago by Silas Allen
Parts of north and east Texas are expected to see thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and possible flooding Friday as the remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda make their way into the area. The tropical storm battered Houston and Galveston on Thursday, flooding homes, swamping roadways and knocking out power to thousands of...

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