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Fastest Growing Jobs in Dallas Can't Cover Typical New Housing Costs, Study Finds

4 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
By 2045, more than 270,000 households in Dallas are expected to experience problems like overcrowding or cost burdens. To prevent this with new affordable housing construction could take a $40 billion housing subsidy, according to the preliminary findings of a study conducted by the consulting firm BAE Urban Economics Inc...

14-Year-Old Kaatii Emerges Fully Formed With 'Afraid of the Dark'

4 hours ago by Vincent Arrieta
If there’s a single word that epitomizes Kaatii’s musical ethos, it’s "synergy." The 14-year-old Dallas-based singer-songwriter (pronounced “Kahh-tee”) this week released “Afraid of the Dark," a shockingly comfortable song about being naturally uncomfortable –– just in time for the early sunsets, mysterious creaks and chilly nights of the season of the...

East Dallas ‘Architect’ Bakes Wicked-Smart Cupcake Treats

4 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Brook Brooks has a full-time job as lead information architect at Southwest Airlines. Yeah, it’s a brainy thing. She’s wicked smart, but that gig isn’t what we’re here to talk about today. We’re instead focusing on her other passion, from eyeball Jell-O shots at neighborhood Halloween parties to cupcakes the...

Oak Cliff Cookie Co. Pops Up with Mexican American Flavor

4 hours ago by Jamil Bata
“One bite takes you home,” promises the slogan of Oak Cliff Cookie Co., a cookie pop-up run out of the home of chef Juan Moreno. In Moreno’s case, home takes him back to Michoacán, Mexico, and his first experience in the kitchen at 7 years old in his grandfather’s restaurant...

Zombieland Twinkie Beer and Dark Halloween Brews

4 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Tuesday, Oct. 27, is National American Beer Day. And while we really pride ourselves on a robust love of all beers every day, this is simply an excuse to highlight some local ones, to which we are certainly partial. So, as part of our monthly-ish beer round-up, the following are...

An East Dallas Home's Halloween Decorations Prompt Multiple Police Visits

4 hours ago by Jamie Vahala
Halloween, the high holy day of spooky season, has a sort of Spooky Scale™ that runs the gamut from the casual black cat, full moon, or harmless jack-o'-lantern to the extremes of disembodied corpses, chainsaw massacre enactments or, even scarier, the thought of paying bills every month under the terror...

12-Year-Old Fort Worth Rapper Allegedly Shot a 1-Year-Old and Committed Arson

18 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
A virtual Tarrant County court trial held in September went viral over the weekend and brought renewed attention to a 12-year-old Fort Worth rapper with a criminal history. The juvenile, who has gone by the stage names Lil Rodneyy, Baby Savage and 30Shotz, allegedly committed arson, shot a 1-year-old baby...

DPD Says It Has Election Day Covered

1 day ago by Jacob Vaughn
The department said it developed operation plans to address election site security, maintain easier access to polling locations and provide a safe environment for people to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Swinging London and Dreamy Disco Meet at Denton's Retro Vinyl Lounge

1 day ago by Amber Gaudet
Nestled into a faded commercial strip tucked into a side street on Denton’s downtown square, Vinyl Lounge is easy to miss. The unassuming red and blue sign over the door is no indication of what patrons can expect when they step inside Denton’s newest bar, which is anything but understated...

Vegetables Shine at Elm & Good

1 day ago by Taylor Adams
Elm & Good opened on the western edge of Deep Ellum in August with chef Graham Dodds at the helm. There was a hullabaloo with the news, but things seemed to have slowed down a bit: It’s not hard to get a reservation, and on our visit, the space had...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.