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Brewfest Tickets! Getcha Brewfest Tickets While They're Hot (and Cheap)!

30 minutes ago by Patrick Williams
Sure, you could wait until October to celebrate the heaven-sent goodness that we call beer. Ocktoberfest is a grand thing ... if you're German. Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., or more specifically, Dallas, we prefer to get a jump on our beer-celebrating, because we're Americans, a driving,...

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers of Bachelorette Fame Are Heading Back to TV for Cash Pad

12 hours ago by Paige Skinner
Yes, you read that correctly. Can you believe it? Oh, you can? OK, so can we. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers of Bachelorette fame have a brand new home renovating show called Cash Pad on CNBC. Fans of the couple won't be surprised, considering Fletcher was a house flipper before...

The 21 Best Things to Do in Dallas, July 17-24

12 hours ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Thursday, July 18 Asian Film Festival of Dallas Looking for a little action, a lot of mystery and intrigue? It’s time to spring for the large with butter and nestle into the comfort of the Angelika Film Center, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, from July 18-25 for one of the city’s...

Sparrow Falls: ‘Whiteness’ Brings Down Dallas’ Biggest Christian Racial Reconciliation Conference

12 hours ago by Julie Lyons
Women were getting up and walking out in twos and threes, and at some point I realized they weren’t all taking a potty break. With eye rolls and grumpy looks, they trudged up the stairs to the balcony exit in the Music Hall at Fair Park. We were here on...

All Willie Calhoun Does Is Hit. That’s Not Good Enough for the Rangers.

12 hours ago by Stephen Young
Rangers designated hitter, left fielder and kinda, sorta second baseman Willie Calhoun is going back to the minors, the team announced Tuesday, to make room for Hunter Pence's return from the injured list. That's the what. Given Calhoun's performance since rejoining the Rangers on May 15, the why is much...

Suspect Arrested in Former Council Member’s Death Had Car Interlock Device Removed Last Week

12 hours ago by Stephen Young
Dallas police confirmed Tuesday afternoon that they've arrested Jonathan Moore, 36, in connection with the wrong-way crash that killed former Dallas City Council member Carolyn Davis just before 8 p.m. Monday. Moore remains in the hospital, but police expect he will be charged with intoxication manslaughter for allegedly killing Davis...

What If George Washington Just Left for Somewhere with Great Beaches?

12 hours ago by Jim Schutze
Really? Leave the country if he gets reelected? No, I get why people say it, and, man, do I ever know a ton of people who say it. I think half the people I know are shopping already for other countries. But really do it? The first thing is this:...

After Fighting Racism in Missouri, Rapper Ravs Is Here for Women

12 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
Amanda Bongiovanni is hesitant to share the story behind her nickname-turned-stage name. “I feel a little weird about it,” she says. “Like, it’s not professional enough.” Bongiovanni is a hip-hop soul singer born, raised and based in Dallas. She has taken shelter from a midsummer storm in Astoria Cafe, where...

Dallas Observer Mixtape with Willie Trimmer

12 hours ago by Wanz Dover
Willie Trimmer has been a constant presence in Dallas music culture for decades. As one of the few club DJs who still makes a full-time living behind the decks, Trimmer has a particularly well-informed perspective on the DJ landscape. His versatility and depth of genre knowledge, ranging from popular mainstream tunes...

Sarah Jaffe Releases Her Most Personal Work Yet. Hear Her New Song.

12 hours ago by Jeremiah Jensen
Sarah Jaffe is back with a double helping of her introspective and arresting bedroom pop. Born of a bad breakup, Jaffe released a double EP during a release party Tuesday night featuring DJ Hannah Hammond at the Belmont Hotel. The double EP, dubbed This is Better, features a contemplative, electronic...

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