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M&O Station Grill Offers Burgers and a Trip Down Memory Lane

26 minutes ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
M&O Station Grill in Fort Worth is attached to a museum about a department store and subway. It results in a trip down memory lane and a full meal of a towering burger.

Three Muggings Reported in Deep Ellum After Men Offered Hit Off Joint

31 minutes ago by Meredith Lawrence
Walking to his ride-share pickup point and smoking a cigarette after a late show at the Twilight Lounge, a man, who has asked to remain anonymous, was approached by two men who asked him for a light. One of the men lit what looked like a blunt, appeared to take...

Dallas Finally Threatened With Lawsuit Over Sick Leave Ordinance

31 minutes ago by Stephen Young
There was never any way Dallas was going to make it all the way to Aug. 1 without a legal challenge to its paid sick leave ordinance, but now it's official: the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the conservative think tank helping represent business groups suing to stop similar ordinances in...

We Have Rights. Cops Have Latitude. The Big Thing Is Not Getting Shot.

31 minutes ago by Jim Schutze
Our basic rights: that’s one thing. Very important. I’m a huge fan of basic rights. But I also don’t want people to get shot. So I’ve been wondering lately if here in Dallas we need to have a second conversation. If, like me, you really don’t want to get shot,...

The Common Table Brings Uncommon Live Music Selection to Uptown, but It’s Not Like Deep Ellum

31 minutes ago by Jacob Vaughn
Musicians like Mike Mitchell, Bobby Sparks and Frank Moka, all of whom have either won or been nominated for a Grammy, don’t want to be told what to play. They want to do what they want to do, says Corey Pond, founder of restaurant-live music combo The Common Table. When...

Middleman Pleads Guilty in Carolyn Davis Bribery Case

31 minutes ago by Stephen Young
A third, previously unidentified domino has fallen in the federal corruption case involving late former City Council member Carolyn Davis and low-income housing developer Ruel Hamilton. According to documents filed in federal court, the go-between for alleged bribery payments between Hamilton and Davis pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony...

Spoon’s Jim Eno Discusses Beto and How the Band Keeps It Together After 25 Years

31 minutes ago by Brad LaCour
Austin-born band Spoon will be releasing a compilation of their greatest hits, Everything Hits at Once: The Best of Spoon. The album is a scrapbook of the last 25 years of Spoon's career, which will delight old fans and serve as a road map for new fans discovering the band...

We Went Behind the Scenes With Helium Queens for Their New Music Video

31 minutes ago by Roderick Pullum
The new Helium Queens video isn't just a neon-bright example of the Dallas band's dreamy vibe. It also provides an intimate glimpse into the group's psyche. In particular, the mental inner workings belonging to Poppy Xander could be described as a vivid, complex, enchanting, bizarre and galactic tapestry of ideas...

The Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches of Dallas

31 minutes ago by Nick Rallo
On the sixth day, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken created a sandwich. They rested the day before, having built monuments of MSG in the people’s bloodstream. Next, Popeyes, in its infinite wisdom, rolled the sandwich out nationwide. It’s out there, lurking, for $3.99, and it’s an awe-striking thing — a stupendous two-hander...

Ferris Wheelers Owners Aim to Break a Guinness World Record

31 minutes ago by Alex Gonzalez
With the 50-foot Ferris wheel in the back patio, the owners of Ferris Wheelers Backyard and BBQ want to break the Guinness World Record for the longest Ferris wheel ride.

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