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Defendants, Lawyers and Justice Suffer as Pandemic Shuts Down of Trials

14 minutes ago by Richie Whitt
For 16 years, Bill Price has successfully defended the city’s prostitutes, drug dealers, drunk drivers and the occasional client accused of murder. But against COVID-19 and a dormant criminal justice system, even the gold medal weightlifter-turned-litigator is powerless. “This virus has crippled the courts,” says the veteran defense attorney. “There...

Better Care for New Mothers and Those With Behavioral Issues on Tap From Parkland

14 minutes ago by Jacob Vaughn
One factor keeping people in Dallas from getting better medical treatment is how complicated it is to navigate the health care system, particularly in neighborhoods that are home to the city's neediest populations, Parkland Hospital executives told a City Council committee Monday. Supporting new mothers immediately after they give birth...

'These are Preventable Deaths': Dallas County to Count 1,000 Coronavirus Fatalities

14 minutes ago by Simone Carter
Dallas County will soon count another grim COVID-19 milestone: 1,000 deaths.

The Wild Detectives Launches Live Music Series and Sets a COVID-Safe Example

14 minutes ago by Eva Raggio
Most venues are trying their best, and some are even doing it right. Still, the words “COVID safety and precautions” have become the new “thoughts and prayers”; they may be filled with good intentions, but the practical results amount to a placebo effect at best. Any weekend drive-by glance around...

The Story of Black America Demands to be Heard Through Hip-Hop Musical It’s a Wonderful Plight

14 minutes ago by Jacob Reyes
J. Rhodes wants white and non-Black people to listen. In It’s a Wonderful Plight, the new film from the Oak Cliff native, the story of Black America demands to be heard. Writing a hip-hop musical, Rhodes says, is one of the many creative ways he’s found to grab others’ attention...

Japanese Tacos and Mexican Sushi Are Arriving in Dallas. That’s Not as Crazy as It Sounds.

14 minutes ago by Brian Reinhart
One of Dallas’ most famous taco shops is serving sushi rolls. A few miles up the road, a high-quality sushi bar is making tacos. Has the world turned upside down? Ask the chefs, and they’ll offer a surprising answer: The connection between Japanese and Mexican food has century-old roots. Tacos...

First Look: Chimalma Taco Bar Opens Downtown

14 minutes ago by Anthony Macias
Opening a restaurant in the time of COVID-19 was not what Andrea Hermosillo had in mind when she secured a location in downtown Dallas. Hermosillo acquired the space in January and quickly began to reconstruct it into what is now Chimalma Taco Bar. Construction was completed in March, but then...

10 Dallas Restaurants Serving Your Favorite Fall Flavors

14 minutes ago by Kristina Rowe
Sometimes considered a first sign of autumn, the pumpkin spice latte has been available at Starbucks for almost a month now. But that ubiquitous coffee shop isn’t the only game in town, lattes aren’t the only way to celebrate cooler weather and pumpkin isn’t the only taste that brings on...

The Best AirBnBs for a Dallas Weekend Getaway

14 minutes ago by Isabel Arcellana
It’s been over half a year since the coronavirus hit the world like a truck. Maybe you’ve baked banana bread, dabbled with TikTok and forgotten what jeans feel like. But whatever your life has looked like in the last few months, chances are you’re stir-crazy. A great way to get a...

Pandemic Could Increase Human Trafficking in North Texas, Advocates Say

20 hours ago by Simone Carter
Human trafficking has long been an issue, but some survivors’ advocates have noted an uptick in reported cases since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.