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Dallas Budget Tackles Some Social Problems as it Preserves Cop Funding

1 hour ago by Jacob Vaughn
Protesters’ calls to defund the police largely largely went unheard when the City Council approved the 2020-21  budget last week, with the Dallas Police Department set to get $15 million more in the next fiscal year thanks partly to money from state and federal sources.  While activists and some City...

Rapper Smoke Sktz Pivots to Fashion and Purpose With Clothing Line Soda Plug

1 hour ago by Ryann Gordon
Racks of clothing line the walls as you enter the apartment, studio and workspace of local rapper Smoke Stkz, and not because his closet wouldn’t fit the entirety of his drip. It’s because his latest endeavor has placed him in a new field of artistry: fashion design. The 29-year-old Plano...

The New Fleet Foxes Album May Be the Key to Healing From 2020

1 hour ago by Preston Jones
Our relationships to everything — the outside world, each other, ourselves — have been altered with varying degrees of velocity over the last six months. To live through times seized by so much cataclysm is to spend your waking hours reeling from one (often ugly) surprise to another, forever in...

The Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Dallas

1 hour ago by Nick Rallo
The Streets had far more pickles than they could ever use. They tried frying the leftovers, offering them as a crunchy appetizer, but there were just so many pickles. They’d been testing brines for Roy G's fried chicken sandwich (knowing full well that Chick-fil-A brines theirs in pickle juice) and...

10 Women-Owned, North Texas Restaurants Receive Funding

1 hour ago by Taylor Adams
The Texas Restaurant Association and the Texas Conference for Women announced they have donated $177,500 to 71 women-owned restaurants in Texas. Of the 71 restaurants, 10 are in North Texas with just one in Dallas — Asian Mint, which has four locations in the area. "As we have continuously stayed...

First Look: Thunderbird Station Opens in Deep Ellum

1 hour ago by Steven Monacelli
Thunderbird Station, a new restaurant by the owner behind sibling bars Double Wide and Single Wide, is finally open in Deep Ellum. After delays caused by the lockdown and shifting TABC regulations, Kim Finch, the brains behind the operation, was able to open Thunderbird last week, and she considers herself...

The Best Movies To Watch This Fall

1 hour ago by Thomas Lowery
It’s September, which means it’s time to part ways with the long, hot summer, unpack your sweaters and take a deep breath of cool autumn air. Always a festive season, there are myriad ways to get into the fall spirit: baking pumpkin pies, picking apples, drinking seasonal beers, cool afternoon...

There May Be Hope for Texans Facing Evictions

1 hour ago by Karen Gavis
Although Texas’ unemployment rate fell to 6.8% last month, some renters may still be anxiously eyeing a new year. Talks of a new coronavirus relief package appear all but stagnant these days, and with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s moratorium on some evictions set to expire Dec. 31,...

Abbott Wants to Crack Down on Rioting by Creating a New Slate of Felonies

3 days ago by Jacob Vaughn
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott talked tough on rioters during a press conference at the Dallas Police Association building yesterday, laying out proposed legislation for a crackdown on protests gone awry. “Texas is not going to tolerate violence, vandalism or rioting,” Abbott said. The Constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble,...

Following Ginsburg's Death, Ted Cruz Reverses Stance on Supreme Court Vacancy

3 days ago by Simone Carter
Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz blocked a ceremonial resolution that would have honored Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.