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John Tesar's Next Move Is a Restaurant in Orlando's Ritz-Carlton

4 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Still to this day, a mention of John Tesar can resurrect the D Mag article that called him the “Most Hated Chef in Dallas.” That allegedly most-hated chef is also one who's been able to open restaurants and make a living. We're not denying one never closed, but he's had...

Music News: Mandy Moore, Sarah McLachlan, and Camila Cabello Highlight This Week's Concert Announcements

5 hours ago by Jeff Strowe
The big news in the concert industry this past week centered around summer festivals. So far, there haven't been a bevy of new ones rolled out, but many of the mainstays are beginning to roll out their lineups. So, as you are compiling your holiday gift lists, be sure to...

Lamb of God Vocalist Randy Blythe to Join Pigface’s First Dallas Show in 16 Years

5 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
Chicago-based industrial supergroup Pigface recently kicked off their first tour in 14 years, and this run sees the band playing Granada Theater on Sunday. It will be Pigface's first Dallas show since their 2003 appearance at the Bronco Bowl’s Canyon Club room (where the Home Depot on Fort Worth Avenue...

From Farmers Markets to Brick and Mortar: This Baker Gets an East Dallas Spot Next Year

9 hours ago by Taylor Adams
For a while, we’ve seen the creations of the Naturally Curly Cook at farmers markets, especially if you live in East Dallas. But come January, anyone can get these goods (and more) any day of the week just off Skillman Street, not far from Live Oak Street. Leila Bakery and...

Head to One Hummus in Richardson for this $10 Shawarma Lunch Deal

9 hours ago by Brian Reinhart
If you’re near Richardson and have $10, you have access to one of the Dallas area’s best new lunch specials. One Hummus, a Mediterranean restaurant that opened at Belt Line Road and U.S. 75 this past spring, has a menu with a distinctive Jordanian flavor. It also has a bounty...

Where to Hide From Your Family This Thanksgiving

9 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
Look, we get it. Going home for Thanksgiving is nice and all. However, there’s only so much of your family you can take. I mean, who wants to listen to uncle Cletus praise Trump for hours at a time? And believe me, there’s not enough alcohol in the world to...

County Pays Up After Deputy’s K-9 Mauls Girl in Schoolyard

9 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
In a startling example of community policing gone wrong, a drug-sniffing dog attacked a little girl after the county’s narcotics team showed up at an Arlington elementary school career day. This was in 2017. Now, the county is paying her medical bills after the girl’s mother, Yesenia Arevalo, filed suit earlier...

Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputies Arrested for Looting Tornado-Ravaged Home Depot

9 hours ago by Stephen Young
While the internet was worried about a cop who looked like he might have been taking a bottle of tequila from a liquor store in the aftermath of Dallas' October tornado — a story that turned out not to be true — two Dallas County Sheriff's Office deputies really were...

Let’s Talk Ourselves into Thinking the Cowboys Have a Chance vs. Patriots

9 hours ago by Stephen Young
First things first, before we get all mealymouthed and try to make the case for the Cowboys, still in the wilderness after all these years, slaying Goliath on Sunday afternoon, we should all be thankful. This weekend, the last one before the three-day, pre-holiday slog and the feast that hopefully...

Advice from a Vegan for Hosting One of Us at Thanksgiving

9 hours ago by Chase Carter
Thanksgiving is a stressful holiday at the best of times. Extended family leans on your hospitality, and the logistical nightmare of planning the meal haunts your waking hours. Between crafting a turkey basting schedule and ensuring guests don't end up bringing 12 variations of pea salad, you completely forget about...

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