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Former Dallas City Council Member Carolyn Davis Killed In Car Crash

4 hours ago by Stephen Young
An alleged drunk driver killed former Dallas City Council Member Carolyn Davis Monday night, according to multiple current council members. The crash on East Ledbetter Road in Oak Cliff also seriously injured Davis' daughter, Melissa Davis-Nunn. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the Davis family and all of District 7,...

Overwatch League Changes Bring the Dallas Fuel Home Next Season

7 hours ago by Chase Carter
Fans of the Dallas Fuel now have more reason to anticipate the Overwatch League 2020 season. Along with a shake-up in the overall league structure, Dallas' team in the competitive esport will host more home games and finally relocate their operations to North Texas. The Overwatch League, currently one of...

Now You See Them: A Look Inside the Best Dallas Magicians’ Bag of Tricks

10 hours ago by Jordan Henderson
There's magic in the air and it's not even October. (Unless you're reading this in October, of course.) The local magician and illusionist scene is strong in North Texas, and you’ve got to see it to believe it. We're not talking about cheap tricks either. These magicians have perfected their...

Two Burlesque Dancers Are Hunting for Ghosts in Their Series Ghost Babes

10 hours ago by Ryann Gordon
When you think of ghost hunters, you might imagine dorky, middle-aged men spouting cheesy invocations at a dark, empty room. But don’t expect to see that in Dallas’ new paranormal investigation series, Ghost Babes, which stars two baddie burlesque dancers on the hunt for the supernatural. In an extrasensory production...

A Group of North Texas Moms Meets Up to Talk About Cannabis

10 hours ago by Malen Blackmon
A large group of mothers gathered together on the second floor of the Tavern on Main Street in Richardson. Many of the women, confident and determined, were meeting for the first time to discuss their use of cannabis. “Moms Talk Cannabis Consumption” was organized by Annie Eply and Sarah Mosely. Eply...

Can Morrissey’s Musical Legacy Survive His Bad Press?

10 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Morrissey’s political views have made headlines, and the former Smiths frontman is no stranger to controversy. Even his most loyal fans cringe at the dissonance of his earlier and seemingly whimsical and romantic lyrics and his statements on race and allegiance to the far-right...

Climate Change Will Bring More Deadly Heat to Texas, Study Warns

10 hours ago by Silas Allen
Unless drastic action is taken, Dallas could see an average of 18 days per year by century's end in which heat index values climb so high they can't be calculated, a new report suggests. The study, which was released Tuesday by the Union of Concerned Scientists, sheds light on some...

This Year’s Cowboys Silly Season Set to Come With Even More Silly

10 hours ago by Stephen Young
With the Cowboys still two weeks or so from reporting to training camp and the blessed release that comes with the beginning of the regular season almost two months away, 2019's summer silly season is already in full swing. It's going to get worse before it gets better. Monday, Pro...

Dallas County Prosecutors Launch Redo of Mesquite Cop Who Shot Lyndo Jones in the Back

10 hours ago by Stephen Young
For the second time, the Dallas County District Attorney's Office is trying to send former Mesquite police officer Derick Wiley to prison for shooting Lyndo Jones in the back. Wiley is charged with aggravated assault by a public servant, a first-degree felony. Wiley shot Jones after responding to a call...

The Head and the Heart’s Dallas Performance Revealed a Band in the Midst of Change

10 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
Indie folk-pop band The Head and the Heart is in a unique career stage: Too popular for the likes of Canton Hall and House of Blues, but not popular enough for some of the city’s larger venues. The Seattle sextet made camp at Toyota Music Factory on Friday for the...

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