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Louie Gohmert Takes Stand Against Federal Anti-Lynching Law

8 hours ago by Stephen Young
Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation, already passed by the Senate and more than a century in the making, that would designate lynching as a federal crime. The vote was 410-4. One of those four was East Texas' Louie Gohmert, a frequent subject of the Observer. Gohmert...

Two Plays in North Texas Are Pushing, Prodding and Supporting Local Journalism

8 hours ago by Anna Lowery
Journalism has been a popular subject recently with theater-makers in North Texas. This past fall, Stage West Theatre in Fort Worth produced the snappy, witty play Lifespan of a Fact, in which an essayist and a fact checker go head-to-head over the factual accuracy of the essayist’s latest work. Now,...

The Kouign (Queen) Arrives at La Casita Bakeshop

8 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Maricsa Trejo stays busy these days. She got her start with pastries in the kitchen at Oak, then landed an eight-month stint in New York City with pastry chef Stephen Collucci. Now, between baking knee-weakening pastries for her wholesale business and running her Saturday-only La Casita Bakeshop, she certainly has...

How Foxtrot Market Can Be a Frugal Instagram Fantasy

8 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
Don’t be fooled by the bright, Instagram-friendly lighting, the ivory aesthetic and the shelves of wine. The new Foxtrot Market locations you’ve seen in Uptown and University Park are very much approachable. Sure, the idea of an “elevated” bodega may elicit a few eye-rolls, but Chicago-based Foxtrot, surprisingly, is an...

A Chinese Restaurant Will Replace the Former Chino Chinatown in Trinity Groves

8 hours ago by Taylor Adams
It didn’t take long for the Trinity Groves spot where Chino Chinatown was to get something else. This time, it’s apparently broadly Chinese food, with a name I’m trying to delay actually typing: Sum Dang Good Chinese. A release Wednesday mentioned how Chino Chinatown, which closed mid-February, was one of...

Why Talent Buyer Tony Mason Is Leaving Denver for Dallas

8 hours ago by Kyle Harris
The Larimer Lounge, Lost Lake and Globe Hall lead talent buyer is headed to Dallas.

DART Is Taking GoPass to Oklahoma

8 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
Dallas Area Rapid Transit has announced plans to expand GoPass, its smartphone ticketing platform, to Tulsa. It will mark the agency's first such partnership outside North Texas. Mark Enoch, chairman of the agency's public affairs committee, which reviewed the agreement Tuesday, called it a "great milestone." The agency has sought to recoup...

In Facebook Debate on Charter Schools, Maybe the Fight’s the Thing

8 hours ago by Jim Schutze
Close your eyes, hold your nose, turn around three times, stamp your foot and say “charter schools.” A vision will appear. No, really. I just noticed it, over on my personal Facebook. Personal Facebook is where the action is for me now. Over here on the Dallas Observer, it’s so...

As Early Voting Winds Down, Let’s Look at the Numbers

8 hours ago by Stephen Young
The big thing, before we peer down the rabbit hole, is that none of the numbers — none of the polling, none of the early vote totals, nothing — is as important as each and every person who is eligible to vote getting out there and casting a ballot over...

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