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The Honey Blue at Art for Autism Tonight Will Get You Feeling Charitable

42 minutes ago by Susie Oszustowicz
Join The People's Last Stand on July 18 for Art for Autism where you can sip on the Honey Blue and peruse art with proceeds benefiting the Autism Treatment Center.

Dallas Band Secrecies’ Music Looks as Good as It Sounds

42 minutes ago by Nicholas Bostick
Two years ago, a chance meeting in Deep Ellum between (now former) Home by Hovercraft member Shawn Magill and local musician Joey Noga resulted in an up-and-coming band: Secrecies. The group has been steadily building buzz since signing with the long-standing homegrown indie imprint Idol Records in 2018. Now the...

No Strings Unattached: The Story of Little D Guitars’ Master Luthiers

42 minutes ago by John McClanahan
When local musicians’ guitars get battered and bruised, many bring them to a small, yellow-painted house sitting on Denton’s Elm Street. There, 62-year-old Gregory Lange pumps life back into stringed instruments. He’s a luthier — one who fixes and fashions pieces such as guitars and violins. One might call Lange a...

Addison Improv Is Now Teaching Comedy, Magic and Improv to Children

42 minutes ago by Brad LaCour
For a few days only, the Addison Improv will be trading in mixed drinks for chocolate milk, as they host a camp teaching children everything from card tricks to one-liners. Two entertainment camps will be held this summer, one July 15-18 and the other July 29-Aug. 1. Each feature two...

Car-Wash Case a ‘Taking.’ If It Stands, No One Is Safe, Not Me, Not You.

42 minutes ago by Jim Schutze
For 15 years, the city’s entire ostensible argument for shutting down Jim’s Car Wash on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Dallas has been that the car wash is a hotbed of crime. But the city made a big mistake two weeks ago. They published a map of the...

Ted Cruz’s Totally Real Plan to Pay for the Border Wall Is Back, Baby

42 minutes ago by Stephen Young
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has resurrected the only plan for paying for President Donald Trump's favorite pet project that's less likely to succeed than the president's own plan for paying for the scheme. Cruz, echoing the totally conceived-in-good-faith idea that first sprang from his mouth in 2017, thinks that Joaquín Guzmán...

Two Dallas College Students Are Performing 30 Community Service Projects in 30 Days

42 minutes ago by Karen Gavis
When two students from different colleges took a leadership class, the result changed their perspective and their summer break. “Last year, we hosted a youth leadership development program called Emerging Leaders,” says Greg Weatherford II, who leads Community Engagement and Special Projects at Southern Methodist University's Simmons School. Now, two of...

Defense Calling Familiar Plays in Mesquite Cop Retrial

42 minutes ago by Stephen Young
The script, if you've been around cop trials in Dallas or anywhere else over the last several years, is easy to follow. Derick Wiley, the former Mesquite Police Department officer on trial for aggravated assault by a public servant, shot Lyndo Jones twice in the back as Jones ran away...

Budget Bites: Liberty Burger’s Baby Bella Won’t Break the Bank, Just Your Diet

42 minutes ago by Dalila Thomas
Budget Bites is a series that looks for the best food and drink deals at restaurants in DFW, because being on a budget doesn't mean you can't eat out. Onion rings have always been an acceptable substitute for fries, and over the years, onion rings on a burger have easily become...

Brewfest Tickets! Getcha Brewfest Tickets While They’re Hot (and Cheap)!

13 hours ago by Patrick Williams
Sure, you could wait until October to celebrate the heaven-sent goodness that we call beer. Ocktoberfest is a grand thing ... if you're German. Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., or more specifically, Dallas, we prefer to get a jump on our beer-celebrating, because we're Americans, a driving,...

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