18 Life-Changing Dallas Burgers

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Kathy Tran
THE UNCLE HERKY BURGER AT LUSCHER'S RED HOTS IS ALREADY ONE OF DEEP ELLUM'S BEST "Uncle Herky" is special in Deep Ellum. It's an immediate icon with American cheese. Everything's been carefully crafted to sledgehammer you with the great, singular qualities of a burger: Seasoned, good beef, hot and melted cheese, decadent mayo and a tangle of buttery onions. The double patties were a size in between paper thin and thick, juicy, and treated deftly (pink ran through both patties).
There are cheeseburgers, and then there are the cheeseburgers that you write letters to from prison. Dallas has showstopper burgers — burgers the Omni should put in light displays, burgers Nolan Ryan would defend on the mound. They are great monuments to the history of meat. A few of Dallas’ best double cheeseburgers are, essentially, vacations. Whether as a complete experience or from their bold flavors alone, the great burgers of Dallas will stick with you.