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Hypnotic Donuts' "Polar" Plunge: It's All Relative

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Brian Maschino
The high Sunday in Dallas was 66 degrees, the overnight low in the 30s. So northerners may scoff at Hypnotic Donuts' 6th Annual Polar Plunge at the Dallas Fraternal Order of Eagles 3018. OK, so there was no ice on the pool, but the water was, like, way chilly, and we don't like chilly. Besides, the brave-ish souls who took the plunge risked major shrinkage and embarrassing high-beams at the height of a deadly flu season, and they did it to help their fellow humans, with proceeds going to the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. So scoff away, Yankees. Maybe in August we'll invite you down for a new charity event: the first Dallas Pizza Oven Dive. We'll even let you go first.