The Project X Party: Debauchery for a Good Cause

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Sunday evening, members of the Dallas nightlife industry put on their own version of the Project X party phenomenon. Without the irresponsibility. McKenzie Barrett and Plush Nightclub VIP Manager Joshua Shronce organized the event. The invite list was restricted. The full private security staff was on hand.

And so, It was an epic night of debauchery for a good cause. Proceeds from the event went to benefit Holeigh Fleming, a 22 friend of many of the partygoers that is currently battling Leukemia. The soundtrack for the evening was provided by an all-star lineup of local turntable technicians including DJ Rev, Mishal, ATG, Avi, and D-Train. To learn more about the Holeigh Fleming foundation go to

All photos by Roderick Pullum