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Best Synthetic Urine Kits of 2021: Top 5 Fake Pee Products

Synthetic Urine (blue ribbon 5)

Drug tests are never fun. Apart from the possible repercussions, the whole process is stomach-churning and makes you for-the-most-part think you’re done for. When all you have done is smoked some weed on the weekend, which should be legal as it is.

With fake urine on the market, you can eliminate a degree of stress from that terribly taxing process! It may seem gross and weird, but we guarantee that you'll find this a lot easier to handle than being fired from your job – just being honest.

But hey, you’ve already made your peace with said option since you’re here right now to look for the best synthetic urine kits out there. So, without delaying that any further, let’s dive head-first into this jar of you-know-what and take a look at the best fake urine kits of 2021:

Top 5 Best Synthetic Urine Kits [Full Reviews]

1. Clear Choice Incognito - Best Fake Pee Kit to Pass a Drug Test

2. Quick Luck - Best Heated Fake Urine

3. Test Clear - Top-Rated & Cheap Synthetic Urine

4. Sub Solution - Best Realistic Urine Formula

5. Urinator - Best Synthetic Pee with Urinator

When stakes are high, the worst thing you can do is experiment with low-quality products. Whether it is fake urine or anything else, a low-quality fake urine is bound to be missing some components and can give up on you anytime. This especially holds true when dealing with fake urine as the right product, when used correctly, can actually help you pass a drug test and keep your job.

But finding the right products, in this market, is a lot harder than it seems. With so many products flooding the market, telling the good from bad is a lot more complicated than you think.

This is why, we’re here to help you – because well, somebody needs to!

Below is our list of five best synthetic urine products of 2021 to save your day.

#1. Clear Choice Incognito - Best Fake Pee Kit to Pass a Drug Test

Brand Overview

It comes with a useful belt

Easy to use

Reputable brand


If you can’t stop thinking about how you will get the synthetic urine perfectly heated and into the testing room, then this is the ideal product for you! Clear Choice has yet again come through with an ingenious product that solves problems you might not have considered earlier.

The incognito belt from Clear Choice is a quick fix and provides you with the perfect tool to pass a drug test and smuggle synthetic urine into the drug test room and fool any machine; you won't even have to worry about motion sensing or being caught with a vial in your pocket.

You'll find the following tools in the quick fix package:

1 bladder bag that contains 3 ounces of premixed synthetic urine

Adjustable velcro belt

2 heat pads to keep the synthetic urine warm

Temperature strips

A set of detailed instructions

To use the urine, you need to start by heating up the bladder bag with the provided heat pads. Once it is the perfect temperature, you'll need to attach the belt to yourself in an undetectable manner.

You'll need to tie that tube around your waist under your clothing. It needs to be pointing in the general direction of where you need the urine to come out. You can open a small clip on the bladder bag to release the urine into the cup.

If you're worried about the prices, then you have nothing to worry about. The whole contraption will cost you only $125. While it seems more expensive than some other products on this list, it also does come with a useful belt.


The quick fix belt makes taking a drug test easier than ever before

There's little chance of detection

A full set of instructions provided to aid you in concealing the belt

1-year shelf life

Product is unisex


It is only viable for two uses

=> Visit the Official Website of Clear Choice for the Best Discount

#2. Quick Luck - Best to Heated Synthetic Urine For Drug Test

Brand Overview

Liquid synthetic urine

Great reviews

Easy to use & brand provides all the information on how to use it

ClearChoice is another brand that has been around for a while. In their time, they have created and benefited from their well-known Sub Solution. And while that is still hailed as an incredible product to this day, ClearChoice decided it was time to update their product to fit the current climate.

With drug tests becoming more refined and effective at picking out fake samples, ClearChoice decided to create a product that matched up. The result of the upgrade was Quick Luck, which was immediately the best synthetic urine market.

Quick Luck is an easy-to-use, pre mixed synthetic urine that has been touted as one of the best. The quality of the product is superior and it has proven to work flawlessly in the strictest of drug tests.

If you want the original ClearChoice Quick Luck product, again, you'll have to buy directly from the brand’s official website. In many ways, buying from a brand’s own online store is the best way to go as it saves you from scams.

While on the website, you can also pick up the necessary equipment you’ll need to prep for that drug test you’re going to pass – if you do this right!

The only downside we see to this product is that it’s a little pricey at $100 – that being said, ClearChoice Quick Luck gives you value for money as it works well for anybody and everybody. In fact, it comes more-than-ready for use with heat activating powder and heat pads. So, you're not just paying for quality, you're also paying for convenience.

Helpful tip: do not use the heat activating powder unless you have no time to heat the liquid at all.


The formula contains all the necessary chemical components making it highly effective

Since it is premixed, it can be used at any time; perfect for spot drug tests

It has an incredible success rate and glaring reviews

You'll find a heat activating powder and heat pads along with the product

Free shipping

Money-back guarantee

Convenient and effective customer support


The product is a little pricey

=> Visit the Official Website of Quick Luck for the Best Discount

#3. Test Clear - Top-Rated & Cheap Synthetic Urine For Practise Or Refill

Brand Overview

Powdered Urine

You get all the explanation on how to use it

Affordable product

The temperature strip comes attached to the transport vial

If a product by a reputable brand is what you’re looking for, the Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit P13 is it. As an organization, they are very well-trusted by their consumers and other industry players. In fact, users continue to rave about their products and their efficiency on various online forums.

Not only that, Test Clear itself displays a lot of faith in this product. The brand makes two main claims about its synthetic urine kit, which sets it apart from others in the market: first being that the Powdered Urine Kit P13 is actually dehydrated urine and, therefore, not ‘fake’ or ‘synthetic’ and second that it has 'never failed in the history of the product'. The best part is they have reviews and research to back up these claims.

That being said, as with any synthetic urine kit, following manufacturer instructions is key in making the product serve its rightful purpose.

For your convenience, the kit comes packed with the following items:

Powdered urine in a sealed vial

One 50ml transport vial

Temperature strip attached to the transport vial

Two air-activated heaters

Apart from distilled water, the Test Clear kit comes with all items required to get the job done. The full price of the kit is $49.95 – and while this may seem to be slightly on the higher side if you’re new to this, it is actually lower than the standard rates in the market for a product like this. After all, you gotta lose some to win some.

At such an affordable price, Test Clear is literally your pick-me-up in what some may describe as a dark time. The only downside, if we really had to pick one, would be that the original product is only available on their website so if you’re not that tech-savvy then, well, only God can help you.


Test Clear is reputable brand name

The product has been on the market for a lot longer than most others on this list

The temperature stick is easier to use since it is attached to the sample vial

When used correctly, powdered urine has a high rate of success

This product is more affordable than the others in the market

Test Clear offers a discount if you're purchasing the product for educational purposes

There are extremely detailed instructions-of-use provided

It has a long shelf life


Powdered urine can be difficult to get right

You'll need to prepare the sample beforehand, so it doesn't work for on-the-spot tests

It smells a lot like urine even before preparation so someone may be able to detect it

=> Visit the Official Website of Test Clear for the Best Discount

#4. Sub Solution - Best Realistic Formula

Brand Overview

Cheaper than Quick Luck

Reputable brand

Great for educational purposes

Like we mentioned before, ClearChoice has always had the best synthetic urine kit. One of their biggest hits apart from the Quick Luck formula is Sub Solution, which was launched in 2003 and continues to be the go-to product for many in similar situations.

But if you're not too sure about the type of drug test you're being subjected to then Sub Solution might not be the best formula for you. But if you still want to take the risk, you’ll be happy to hear that it is priced at $80, which makes it a cheaper alternative to Quick Luck.

Much like its successor, ClearChoice Sub Solution is a liquid formula that comes with customer backing to support its case. Whether it’s a predictable drug test or a harmless prank, this product is the best choice for scenarios that aren’t extremely risky.


It has been an effective and valid source of best synthetic urine since 2003

The formula (though secret) is proven to be 100% effective

Cheaper than its new and improved version, Quick Luck

Comes with a standard container and heat-activating packets

Unisex pre mixed synthetic urine


It may not be as effective for today's drug tests

=> Visit the Official Website of Sub Solution for the Best Discount

#5. Urinator - Best Synthetic Urine with Urinator

Brand Overview


No effort required for temperature maintenance

Easy to use

If you're someone who loves technology, then don't look beyond the Urinator. This technology-fueled device provides the best experience for anybody that isn't sure about their temperature-keeping skills.

The Urinator is a bag that comes with various heating devices that heat and keep your sample at the perfect temperature for four hours at a time! So, you don’t have to worry about the synthetic urine dropping in temperature or being too hot to work properly.

If you didn't believe us about the technological ability of this device, then take a look at items that come with the product:

100ml dual-port IV bag

Liquid crystal thermometer attached to the IV bag

Donor sample

60ml Syringe

Stainless steel rod to get an accurate temperature

Digital controller to maintain the perfect temperature of the urine

Flexible silicone heater that connects directly to the controller

Thermal insulating bag with a special IV bag

Apart from distilled water and two nine-volt batteries you need for the process, you get everything shipped directly. It also comes with a bonus free sample of powdered synthetic urine.

If the items have intimidated you, fret not as it comes with a set of detailed instructions. Additionally, the risk of ruining a sample or wasting it with the wrong temperature goes out the window with the Urinator.

However, all of this technology and fanciness does come at a fancier price of $169.95.

But before you knock down this option completely, sift through its pros and cons to make an informed choice:


The entire contraption is reusable. You just need to buy the powdered or liquid urine to heat up each time you have a drug test coming up

You don't have to do anything to regulate the temperature or keep it at the perfect temperature

Everything is handled electronically, so there's no doubt it is accurate

You get a free sample of powdered urine along with the first purchase of the product

There's no chance of burning the skin as the IV bag for the urine is designed to prevent such accidents

The detailed instructions provided make achieving the perfect results quite easy


The product is expensive

It isn't ideal for short notice use

The whole contraption isn't very subtle

=> Visit the Official Website of Urinator for the Best Discount

Buying Guide For Synthetic Urine Kits

With hundreds of reviews online, it gets difficult to find synthetic urine that is ideal for your needs. What becomes even harder then is understanding how to determine what even is ideal for your needs. To make the purchase process easy for you, we have a whole guide!

What Is Synthetic Urine?

As you can tell, synthetic urine is a fancy term for fake urine to look like human urine and is created in a laboratory. Although there are different available blends of this liquid, certain compounds like uric acid, creatinine, and urea are present in all.

What is also interesting is that synthetic urine is not a new concept. In fact, the existence of the product, in some shape or form, can be traced back to the 19th century when Friedrich Wöhler accidentally created artificial urea – the key chemical compound needed to make human urine – in 1828!

Much later when more and more workplaces began introducing zero-tolerance-against-drugs policies around the 1980s, manufacturers began using this discovery to make fake urine. Today, the product holds a thriving position in the market.

But, did you know that synthetic urine is not just used by drug test takers? That’s right! Medical research centers use it to test out the reliability of their drug testing equipment. Even retail brands use it to see the impact of urine on their products like cleaning solutions, diapers, and so on.

How Does It Work?

Since you will be dealing with professionals who are trained in detecting fake urine, you have to be cautious. You have to carefully switch samples and ensure that your fake is as close to the real thing as possible.

For your help, here’s a checklist to ensure your synthetic urine sample gets submitted without being detected:

1. Temperature

This is where even quality pre mixed synthetic urines fail the test if not done right. Real human urine has a temperature of 98°F that technicians look out for. High-quality synthetic urine kits come with heating devices to heat the urine and regulate its temperature.

2. pH Levels

Correct uric acid and pH levels are also crucial to pass the drug test for it to like human urine. Professionals will check real urine for pH levels that range from alkaline to acidic, i.e., 4.5 to 8.

3. Creatinine

Synthetic urine also needs to have the right levels of a chemical called creatinine. Creatinine is always present in real urine since humans excrete it during metabolism.

4. Froth

Real urine froths up when poured into a container due to the excretion of a protein called albumin. Reputable synthetic urine brands know about this and will therefore add this particular compound to their concoction.

5. Specific Gravity

Lab technicians also expect urine to have a well-balanced specific gravity. Specific gravity refers to the density of urine that depends on the dilution of it by the kidneys. Quality synthetic urine will have the specific gravity of real urine (1.005 – 1.030).

6. Color And Smell

The chemical compounds like uric acid added to the fake urine should have the right shades to look like the real thing. So, the color should not have an extreme shade of yellow, but somewhere in between yellow and dark amber.

Moreover, artificially created urine cannot have a very chemical-like smell as lab technicians carry out urine testing daily and will know immediately if it smells different.

If a urine sample does not pass these criteria, technicians will check for additional elements. Any oddities in behavior during the testing will also make them suspicious about the validity of your test results.

Types Of Synthetic Urine

Once you're aware of the efficacy of synthetic urine, you may find yourself baffled by the hundreds of different products, items, and dispensing tools out there. So, we’ll keep it simple: of the two types of synthetic urine available in the market – powdered and liquid – the final choice truly depends on your situation and your preference.

And while both forms have their own pros and cons, neither is better than the other when it comes to effectiveness; both provide the same results as long as you follow the instructions.

To help you choose between the two types, we have a comprehensive comparison!

Powdered Synthetic Urine

To put it as flatly as possible, powdered synthetic urine is exactly what the name suggests: it is powdered urine. It is both interesting and disgusting that powdered urine is actually dehydrated human urine. For this reason, many companies such as Test Clear even point out that calling powdered synthetic urine 'synthetic' or 'fake' is technically not right but that’s a debate for another day.

Since we’ve established that powdered urine, when mixed with distilled water, becomes human urine, it is safe to assume that a safe result is guaranteed when using this type of synthetic urine.

Unlike liquid synthetic urine, however, there's a lot more complicated creating and mixing required to prep powdered products. Even the vial containing the sample comes in powdered form and needs to be mixed with a specific amount of distilled water and heated to a specific temperature which makes the task even more tedious!


Powdered synthetic urine foams up to look exactly like real urine

Since it most often is actual human urine, it even smells like it

Powdered urine mimics the properties of real urine very accurately

The powdered version has a longer shelf life than liquid synthetic urine

It is a lot easier to store than liquid synthetic urine


Since you have to mix the urine before warming it up, it's not as convenient to use as liquid synthetic urine.

If you don't follow the exact instructions, you risk a bad result or an incorrect sample

The level of mixing and heating may not be high, but the chances of going wrong definitely are

You can't mix and heat the powdered urine in a public space like your workplace

Using powdered urine for spot tests or surprise drug tests is a no-go

Liquid Synthetic Urine

Much like powdered synthetic urine, liquid synthetic urine is pretty self-explanatory. It is pre-mixed synthetic urine that comes in the form of a convenient vial. Whenever you require it, you can just shake it, warm it, and use it!


Liquid synthetic urine is a lot more convenient to handle and easier to use

Since you don't have to mix or create anything, the chances of you getting caught are low

There aren't too many steps and complicated directions to follow, so the chances of things going wrong are a lot lower


Compared to powdered synthetic urine, the liquid form has a much shorter shelf life

You'll find people with extreme opinions on both sides of the spectrum. Some believe that liquid synthetic urine is less trustworthy than powdered form, while others believe that the powdered version simply requires too much effort.

When you're purchasing the product, it depends completely on what you can manage. Whether it's powdered or liquid, both versions are tricky to manage and have their own issues. Weigh your options well before jumping in to buy synthetic urine.

Using Synthetic Urine

Whether it is liquid or powdered synthetic urine, you need to make that fake pee seem real. Whichever brand you choose to use, the product will have detailed instructions for you to follow. However, if you're looking for a quick introduction to know what you're getting into, we have a quick rundown of the whole process.

For Powdered Synthetic Urine

Using the powdered form is a little tricker than you'd expect. Since there is more mixing and creating involved in the process, many tend to shy away from it. However, since it always comes with a kit, at least you won't be running around for the materials.

Sidenote: you won't be able to create the pee in a public space.

But when you've got all the materials and found the perfect location, you can start making the sample. To do so, simply pour the required amount of powdered synthetic urine into a directed amount of distilled water.

After shaking the bottle until there's no powder left, you get the foam and the required smell of urine. However, you'll have to heat it in an appropriate manner to get it to the right temperature. Make sure the sample remains between 90 to 100 degrees.

Shake it once more before you provide the sample for drug testing, and you're done! What makes it so complicated is the exact measurement of water and heating you're supposed to maintain. If the change is too drastic in measurements and temperature, you could ruin the whole sample, so be careful!

For Liquid Synthetic Urine

There are no complicated instructions with the liquid synthetic urine. Once you've cracked open the container of pre-mixed fake pee, you heat it up to the 90-100 degree range. Maintain the liquid at that temperature till you have to take the drug test, shake the vial, and use!

Heating Synthetic Urine

You might have guessed by now that temperature is crucial to the success of fake urine, be it in a drug test or otherwise. However, knowing the right way to heat up your fake pee is just as important. To make it a little more nerve-wracking, you'll have to change the way you heat depending on the method you're using!


It doesn't seem like the most hygienic solution, but keep in mind that it is synthetic urine and not fresh urine out of a human being! If that doesn't work, remind yourself of what's at stake.

A microwave might be the fastest method, but it is an easy method to get wrong. You need to be very careful to overheat the sample. The max amount of time you can heat the sample is 10 seconds. After this, you risk the sample boiling over and killing the necessary chemical components.

When using a microwave, you'll need to consistently use a temperature strip to make sure you're not overheating the sample. Once you've hit the perfect temperature, keep it close to your body to maintain the same temperature.

Hand Warmers

There are hand warmers that can keep the warmth of a sample for at least 18 hours. While you can't keep the sample for 18 hours without it going bad or expiring, hand warmers are still a great way to heat up and keep your sample warm. They're the perfect way to hide the samples as well!

Using a hand warmer is quite simple. You'll need to place the mixture in the hand warmer and routinely check the temperature. Once you've hit the perfect spot, keep the sample closer to your body to prevent anything from overheating.

Body Heat

If you're planning on heating the sample with just plain body heat, make sure you have a few hours until your drug test. It takes a lot longer than the other two methods to heat up the sample to the necessary temperature when taking this route.

You'll need to keep the sample near the warmest parts of your body. Men can keep it near their crotch, right below the underwear, whereas women can either do the same or store it in the space between the bra and the skin.

Make sure you verify the temperature with a temperature strip before submitting the sample for a drug test.


There are very specific and detailed instructions already present to create and use synthetic urine. That being said, a tip here and a trick there can do wonders for success rates, especially if it's your first time taking a drug test.

Take it from the experts: below is a list of tips and tricks to be followed to a t when dealing with synthetic urine.

Don't stray from the instructions. There are tons of 'time-saving tips' and such present on the internet, but we promise none of them work. You're just risking your own career when you aren't following the instructions correctly.

Detoxing, drinking lots of water, and other such tricks will not help you in a drug test. Actually, drinking water excessively can lead to a bad sample and inconclusive results. An inconclusive result means they're bound to come back to ask for another sample.

Synthetic urine cools off even faster than regular urine. When you're hiding the sample, make sure you're letting the body heat keep it at the required temperature. While you can be pee-shy and let the sample cool down a few degrees, it isn't as easy to heat up a sample.

Even the best synthetic urine will only last you six hours. After the six hours, the sample will become invalid.

Whether it's a testing strip, belt, or vial, use the items that come with the package. Apart from paying for them, using the items that come with the product leads to a better chance at success.

Use a belt if it has come with your kit when going for your drug test – there’s no better way to get through the test, trust us on this!

Preferably get the sample ready on the day of the test. Usually, getting it ready just an hour before gets you the best results.

The heating of a sample cannot happen in sunlight. Do not place the synthetic urine in direct sunlight for this purpose. You're just destroying the sample you've painstakingly created.

Other Uses of Synthetic Urine

If you thought fooling a drug test was the only reason synthetic urine was created, we're here to show you otherwise. There's a large market for synthetic urine, and while fooling drug tests is a big part of it, there are multiple other uses.

Wildlife: You'll find a lot of photographers and hunters using fake pee to hide or cloak their scent. Often, it is even used to lure certain animals in! You can find gardeners using it to keep pests and rodents away as well.

Pranks: Believe it or not, there are hundreds of people willing to pay hundreds of dollars to pull off a spectacular prank. There are so many dedicated prank artists that one of the most common uses of fake pee is pranking!

Training: medical students are constantly using fake pee in their training. Once they've mastered the art with synthetic urine, they can move on to the real deal.

Sales: While not the most palatable way, salesmen often use synthetic urine to show customers how effective their products are.

Research: While it may seem absurd, a lot of research studies require the use of synthetic urine.

Calibration: In the same vein, drug testing equipment is usually calibrated using synthetic urine rather than a sample from an actual person.

Adult Entertainment: Many fetishes and adult videos make use of synthetic urine.

Signs of A Bad Synthetic Urine

In a market with hundreds of products, finding the right product can be incredibly hard. With so many different claims, understanding what is a good synthetic urine can seem hard. We have a few ideas which can help you tell a low-quality product from high-quality synthetic urine.

Low Cost: If the synthetic urine you're looking at seems to be really cheap, then you're not getting a quality product. With the lab tests, chemical components, and science that go behind creating these products, they aren't going to be priced at $20.

Packaging and Marketing: Cheap and childish packaging and marketing and gimmicks to get you to look. A real, quality product will not look like a high schooler decided on the name and created the packaging in art class.

Third-party website: A word of caution, never buy synthetic urine from a third-party site like Amazon and eBay. Your chances of being scammed are a lot higher, and the deals are just not worth it.

FAQs About Synthetic Urine Kits

Q. What Is The Shelf Life Of Synthetic Urine?

Both powdered and liquid synthetic urine has a shelf life. After the product has expired, using it will not lead to satisfactory results.

The shelf life of an unopened and unmixed product is up to two years. However, make sure to check the brand and product you're using for the actual shelf life of the product. Liquid synthetic urine often does not have a shelf life this long, so plan your purchases accordingly!

Q. How Much Synthetic Urine Will You Need For A Drug Test?

The average drug test requires two ounces of urine. While it is convenient to create just two ounces, it is always best to create and carry a little extra. There's no accounting for accidents and other unexpected situations!

Q. Is It Legal?

The legality of synthetic urine actually lies in a grey zone. There's no direct answer to this question. Synthetic urine is completely legal to own and sell. Since it is used for multiple purposes, the substance itself will not get you in trouble.

However, using it to cheat a drug test can lead to severe repercussions. Repercussions can include issues such as being fired from your job. In certain areas, you might even need to disclose this information to future employers. Don’t forget to read up on legal repercussions, if any, in your country so you can be absolutely sure.

In Conclusion: Which Synthetic Urine Kit Should You Buy?

Synthetic urine has been a necessity for quite a while now. From the time drug tests became a rigid tool, synthetic urine has been free flowing in the market. In all this time, companies have managed to perfect their formulas, so choosing the very best can be hard.

Thankfully, we've managed to put together a list of the very best synthetic urine products and from that we have chosen both Test Clear and Quick Luck as the best ones so far. So, it's time to place an order instead of begging friends for pee!

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