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Reverse Phone Number Lookup: 3 Best Services, Benefits & FAQ

Have you just received a call or a message from a stranger? Is someone calling you for some days but you think is a fraudster? You can now look up the number online to retrieve the personal details of the owner, including the background information. This is how you can find out whether the owner is reliable or not.

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So, how do you check for it online? Well, for that, there are phone number reverse lookup services online. In this post, we introduce three of the best phone number lookup services along with the buying guide.

Top 3 Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Intelius – Largest reverse phone lookup directory

TruthFinder – In-depth, accurate reports

Instant Checkmate – User friendly, affordable rates


Intelius is a well-established background check company that allows looking for information on individuals and estates. Collecting data from public and private sources, including local, state, and federal government agencies, this service provider delivers comprehensive, reliable results quickly.

Established in 2003, Intelius is among the longest-running lookup services due to which it is now one of the most reliable companies in the lookup data curation industry. The resultant reports are deemed more precise than those of its competitors. Another benefit is that its subscription fees are lower than those of its competitors.

On this people search site, you can conduct background checks on any individual and get a detailed report giving personal information and criminal records, if any. Some of these details are address history, birth, age, relatives, phone numbers, aliases, employment, financial status, social media accounts, and connections with other people.

The types of searches that Intelius allows are people search, reverse phone lookup, and background check. The aforementioned details are seen in the case of people search. For a background check, you get details such as arrest records, marriage and divorce history, bankruptcies, felony convictions, court records, and warrants.

For beginners, Intelius allows conducting one free search to get basic information such as full name, family members, location history, and education. However, for knowing further information, it is essential to buy the report or become a member.

Intelius collects this data from diverse sources and saves it in a big informational database. The search happens with the help of this database. Although all information found using this service is public record, tracking it separately could take much time. Further, it is just not possible right now to find these details using a search engine.

Public and commercial repositories hold this information but have slow response times to respond to search requests and demand high service fees. However, with Intelius, both these drawbacks are eliminated.

It seems that Intelius has special access to different public sources for getting personal and confidential details. Apart from the government agencies, these sources include social networks, FBI, phone directories, local crime data, commercial records, court records, lawsuit records, financial institutions, and real estate records.

Another noticeable feature is the Intelius Connection engine whose functionality becomes evident beside every search report. You can just click each connection for finding more involvements and relatives. This interactive tool aims to provide new information in terms of possible contacts. You can easily fill your address book by looking for missing information such as address or contact number of associations, relatives, and colleagues.

Another notable feature of Intelius is its ability to identify unfamiliar phone numbers. While most unknown numbers are telemarketers, a few calls can be from fraudsters that can be dangerous. To find out about these unfamiliar numbers, this service provider offers a reverse phone lookup service.

Through it, you get a confidential report revealing the owner’s name, age, type of phone, carrier, and number’s location. If you select more add-ons, you can easily get more information as well such as probable relatives. The best part of this service is that it can fetch data for both landlines and smartphones. So, it is also a reverse cell phone lookup service.

This service can be helpful if you are awaiting a call back after an interview, as the HR can call from another number. This is possible if the HR requires more information about you prior to moving ahead. You can now easily find out whether the number is of the HR or some telemarketer.

There is also a reverse address lookup utility through which you can verify someone’s address or get more details about any property in which you are interested. You just need to submit an address and get details such as related to ownership, neighbors. Street and satellite maps, home value, and even sex offenders in that area.

The turnaround time or the time in which a report is generated is usually 3 to 30 minutes. The time is less generally, as there are no deep web scans performed. However, in some cases, it depends on the kind of search conducted. For reverse phone search, it does not exceed 15 to 20 minutes.

The signup and search processes are easy to perform. The overall website is quite user-friendly. While Intelius overcomes its competitors with one-time reports and a variety of plans, the price seems to be somewhat high. Still, it is worth it for its comprehensive and accurate details. There are plans for email lookup, social network search, and criminal record search.

The Intelius premier plan offers an upscale search tool for getting detailed public reports revealing social media profiles, marriage history, email address, past and present address, birthday, and known relatives. This makes it easier for you to get all information from one place rather than looking for the same on each social media platform.

Intelius also has its Android or iOS app using which you can find comprehensive data about an unknown number, name, or address. It should be noted that it is not legal to use this online service for employment or tenant screening and consumer reports, as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rules.

You should also not use it for checking someone’s eligibility for insurance, credit, or any other purpose as listed by the FCRA. It is not a consumer reporting agency as per the FCRA terms but is still a legal medium of searching public data. Still, Intelius is a great tool for tracking lost people, unknown numbers, and new neighbors.


Fairly accurate

Easy to use

Extensive search options

Quick to respond

Phone and email customer support

Affordable subscriptions

Useful mobile app

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Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another established, subscription-based search service. It facilitates searching about an individual and getting a detailed report revealing location and contact information, professional history, and criminal records.

Its service is just like other background-check companies, encompassing its sister brand, Truthfinder, but several of its extra features have a significant price tag. Indeed, none of its features are free. Still, what most people love about this service provider is its deemed massive information.

Just as any other people search service, Instant Checkmate collects data from several public and private sources, including social media websites and financial institutions, and dumps it in one place. While you can access Instant Checkmate information via other sources, it requires a couple of trips to access record-holding agencies such as public repositories, police stations, and courts.

Still, Instant Checkmate beats all search engines when it comes to looking up lost people, unknown individuals, and learning about new neighbors. Principally, what makes this service provider popular is convenience; it does the groundwork so that the background checks, reverse phone lookups, and personal investigations are quick and hassle-free.

The website is modern and user-friendly. The different search options are instinctively displayed, rendering the people finder utility among the simplest to use for finding people. The website is quite informative, giving comprehensive explanations on how to get the required information via different search options.

Unlike its competitors, Instant Checkmate does not truly differentiate amongst the types of background checks. Almost any search method will return reports that structurally are the same. Yet, there are a couple of differences in these features.

First comes background reports by name, which is a standard, easy-to-follow background check service. To find a person, simply submit the person’s first and last name as well as the state and city of abode, if possible. After doing so, you will be asked some specific questions about that individual to reduce the scope of the search. Then, a complete and comprehensive report is generated in a few minutes.

Second is search by e-mail, which is available at a fee per month. If there is a strange e-mail in your Spam folder, you can use this feature or service to know the owner of that e-mail ID.

Third is reverse phone number lookup. As the name suggests, you can easily find an unknown phone number through this search. However, this is neither a free service nor it is a part of any main plan. You need to pay separately per month for tracing a person by phone number.

Fourth is reverse address lookup, which is a popular background search service. Through it, you can explore the ownership history of a land or property and even look for the nearby probable sex offenders. You can get demographic data, census information, FBI crime statistics, and hotspots. You can feel safer in your new residential area by gaining this service via the main monthly package.

Fifth is extensive criminal records search, which is a detailed option. Instant Checkmate is admired for its accurate and extensive information fetched from public networks. The generated report includes inmate details, warrants, felonies, misdemeanors, traffic convictions, and arrests.

The site has a criminal records search bar indicating that a free background report is available. However, the results are unavoidably veiled behind a membership wall.

Last but not the least, unlike some online people search services, Instant Checkmate offers a dark web scan tool to give monitored information. With the focus on information privacy and user security, the Dark Web Scan tool allows checking whether your online identity was or is at risk. It also reveals whether you were involved in any data breach. This is truly a commendable feature.

Apart from the criminal record report, all the aforementioned background reports usually reveal the name, contact details, aliases, current location, past addresses, job history, education history, relatives and their contact details, social media information, owned assets, business licenses and affiliations, and financial situations such as tax liens and bankruptcies. At times, you may even get to see the photo of the person.

Interestingly, you can leave comments on reports, which will then be visible on that person’s report whenever anyone else looks for her or him. This Wiki-like strategy also invites the opposite option; you can remove your details as well as yourself from the company’s database. For this, you only need to submit an opt-out request, as per some Instant Checkmate reviews.

The website also provides a check for zodiac sign compatibility with a probable partner. Although unusual to see on a professional people search site, it is a good facility for astrology fans. Instant Checkmate also offers its app for iOS and Android users. It is free to use and provides quick and accurate searches on the go.

Instant Checkmate is a legal company and it is legal to use its services. However, web-based information providers such as Instant Checkmate are not accredited by the authorized agency, the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). Thus, you cannot use them legally or officially for screening a potential employee or tenant.


Easy to use

Most affordable five-day free trial

Massive amount of info for one search

Reliable criminal records search result

Dark web scans

Many search methods

Great customer service

A+ rating in BBB

Handy mobile app

Go To Instant Checkmate >>


Truthfinder is another well-known background check service through which its subscribers can search for details about people and phone numbers. Like other check services online, this is done with the help of an extensive database of combined public data. Just submit the concerned person’s name or phone number and TruthFinder will share all the available information of the individual, including criminal record details and e-mail addresses.

TruthFinder gives search results from the data collected from different public sources such as local to federal public records, private companies, local criminal and FBI records, financial institutions, social media sites, and the U.S. Census database. It is true that the details found using Truthfinder are also accessible elsewhere. However, it is ideal to have all of them in one place.

It is simple to look for anyone on its site through the search bar atop every page. Although name and location suffice, you can even narrow the search by submitting age, phone number, email address, and known relatives. The resulting report is easy to understand, with all the background details. You can even request a PDF version for a nominal fee.

Although people search is the main feature of TruthFinder as well as the first utility to come across on its website, there are many other features available as well.

People search is exactly what it says; look for people! Just submit the person’s name and get a detailed report having extensive information such as aliases, birth date, phone numbers, job and education history, e-mail addresses, address history, possible relatives and assets, criminal record, social media accounts, photos, and sex offender status.

While the information is comprehensive, some reviews have said that some details for some searches were not accurate. However, this is dependent on the search being performed and the accuracy of data stored in the public databases.

Another commendable feature is the dark web scan. It scans several dark web points to find whether you have been the victim of identity theft or were involved in a big data breach. This scan happens in association with Experian.

It will also inform whether your credit card details or personal information was used unlawfully or not. BBB customer reviews have asserted that this tool works as intended. So, it is truly a commendable feature. You can rely on it for monitoring phone numbers, passport numbers, SSN, driving licenses, bank and card details, and social network accounts.

While performing this scan, the security from TruthFinder is excellent, as it uses 128-bit encryption for connection with public and private databases. Further, it does not save any of these details, either. Rather, the company’s PCI-certified partners deal with these details, which means even if something goes wrong, your details remain safe.

You can even use the criminal records search feature for knowing about someone’s criminal history from the state and federal law enforcement agencies. It will look for any criminal records related to the concerned individual and reveal arrest records, traffic offenses, felony and misdemeanor convictions, and court records.

TruthFinder also offers the functionality of public records search. Through it, you can scan numerous data points to fetch any public records related to that person. The generated report usually reveals birth certificates, marriage and divorce records, liens and bankruptcies, criminal records, and death records. At times, you may even get more obscure records like those related to property and profession.

Another cool feature is the reverse phone lookup in USA, which is worth a monthly subscription. You only need to submit the phone number to identify the owner and get her or his further details. This reverse phone search can even use other features and reveal full information about the caller. If possible, the result will also include the previous owners’ names and the caller’s photographs.

Similarly, there is the e-mail lookup feature through which you can find someone by submitting an e-mail ID. TruthFinder promotes both these features for identifying scammers or fake people. The revealed information also includes social media accounts and dark web records.

Unlike many other information check services, TruthFinder allows opting out from its database. This means you can remove your own details from their repository. You can do so if you do not want anyone to find your details on its website. You can even claim specific records as yours and rectify factual errors or hide them from others.

TruthFinder also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS. This means you can conduct checks even while on the go.


Easy to use

Unlimited checks with monthly subscription

Extensive database

Transparent process

Useful self-monitoring tools for data breaches and ID theft

Handy mobile app

Go To TruthFinder >>

Benefits of Phone Number Lookup Services

Getting frequent calls from a stranger is annoying. Being unable to find who is calling is perhaps the worst issue. It can be anyone, and this persuades most of us to perform a reverse phone check. Doing so has lots of benefits, which are as follows:

Easy and Quick Identification: Many times, unfamiliar people, associates, or even buddies having something to hide may make it tough for us to identify them. They do so by offering fake information. A false address or name may not bring forth the desired results, leading to doubts. On the other hand, in the case of contact numbers, it is common for them to be connected to a single person. However, if this person is not exposed correctly, it could result in a larger search. To avoid it, using a phone number lookup service online is a good choice, as it retrieves phone-related details and its owner’s information in just a few minutes.

Less or No Irritating or Risky Calls: These services enable you to identify callers who can be telemarketers, harassers, or fraudsters. Identifying this is useful, as you can then quickly block the numbers so that they cannot call you again. This reduces the number of irritating or risky calls that you handle frequently.

Correspondence: At times, you may want to contact a person whom you have not been in touch with for long. A phone number can seem awkward because of the time gap. Through a reverse lookup, you can find another way to come in touch with that individual by entering the contact number. For example, the search result may give you the latest phone number, e-mail address, or mailing address. You can mail and prevent the uncomfortable call moment.

More Information: A reverse phone lookup service will reveal the phone’s owner, location, and carrier. However, the best reverse phone lookup service will try to provide all possible details that are good to know, such as criminal record if any, job history, and education history.

What to Look for While Choosing the Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Service?

Well, there are many phone number reverse lookup services online these days. As a fact, not all of them are reliable in terms of safety, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. So, how do you know which one is the most suitable for your needs?

For that, you need to measure each promising online reverse phone lookup service based on some parameters or factors to prevent being disappointed later. So, let’s check them out!

Experience and Reputation

Well, these two factors go together. A lookup phone number service that has a couple of years of experience is more reliable than a newly budding one. Still, there is no such universal rule; it is just a judgment call.

You may be wondering as to whether there is any sure way to find out about the online company’s reliability. Well, the best way to find out about how reputable the service is to use Google and search for it.

The search results shall reveal a variety of things about that specific brand or company. Of all, the most important results for you are testimonials and reviews. It is wise to go through as many of these as possible. This is because doing so can tell you what to expect from that service provider. If a good percentage of those testimonials and reviews are positive, you can expect good service.

Ease of Use

Having a website with multiple useful features is not enough. The website should be easy to use as well. Most background check services giving paid or free reverse phone number lookup utilities offer many other search options as well. All of them should be organized well so that the users should not find it tough to search for the lookup utility. Further, the reverse phone number lookup website should be easy to navigate.


This factor is one of the most important ones to check before choosing a reverse contact lookup service provider. A provider is transparent if all the plans, fees, working, and data sources are comprehensively as well as clearly revealed. It should also reveal what all information one will get upon submitting an unknown contact number. There should be nothing that you should come to know later.

So, how do you check whether a service provider is transparent or not? Simple! Just check for the same in online customer reviews on dedicated forums and blogs.

Landline or Mobile Lookup

It is important for you to know that not all phone number lookup services online will allow you to search as per both landline and mobile numbers. Some will restrict their functionality only to landline numbers. So, if you wish to look for an unknown mobile number and get the owner’s details, choose the one that supports mobile numbers.

Type of Details

Any background check service online offering US phone lookup will differ in terms of the type of details shared about the phone's owner. Most services will share the owner's name, carrier, and dwelling location. However, by paying more or adding extra add-ons, the reverse phone lookup service may also reveal the information that is mostly revealed with other background checks. This information includes criminal records, marriage and divorce details, and financial status.

Free or Paid

You will come across many free phone number lookup offers, including trials for some days from the same service providers who are also offering paid subscriptions. If you are trying such a service for the first time, consider taking up a trial first. Just keep in mind that the results through free or trial offers may not be as comprehensive or accurate as those obtained through paid subscriptions. Additionally, not all online phone number lookup service providers will offer free trials.


Can I truly lookup for a cell number?

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question. This is because the answer depends on a variety of factors, including the duration for which the owner has owned the phone.

According to, research has revealed that up to 80% of mobile numbers searched via a reverse lookup service gave precise results. In the case of prepaid numbers, accuracy plunges significantly, as most users of these smartphones use them anonymously.

What if I do not get any result online for a phone or cell number?

If this is the case, you may choose to opt for contacting the nearby police station to register a complaint, if the unknown number has been harassing for a while. You may even choose to gain legal advice from your lawyer.

Is reverse cell or telephone lookup safe?

Generally, yes! These searches are reliable and confidential, provided you choose the most reliable reverse phone lookup service provider. However, it is possible to get inaccurate details.

Are there any rules for using the report’s details after a phone lookup?

Yes, there are a few strict rules that are laid down by the FCRA. You cannot use these details for making decisions about admission to an education program, insurance, employment, housing, and consumer credit. You should never look up for any illegal purposes such as stalking or identity theft. So, for what you can use this service? Simple, you can use it to know who was calling you.


Using a reverse phone number lookup utility online is useful in today’s time marked by illicit uses of communication technology. Most of these services are known to give accurate and quick results. The best phone number lookup service for you is the one that meets maximum expectations at affordable rates. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to get started with a free trial and see how well the chosen service fares. If fared well, you can simply go for its suitable subscription plan. With different plans to choose from, you can easily choose the one that fits your budget.

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