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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

DALLAS TX - By this point, if you haven’t heard of 7 Tha Great, let’s face it - you’re out of the loop. In recent months, the South Dallas rapper has come into focus as rumblings of his major label dealings continue to circulate.

But, as the rumor-mill swings, so too does an artists yearning to reflect on the arduous journey that lead them there. Plotted along 7’s path, is an army of loyal cronies, mangers, handlers and backers. And, over the years, he’s always shown an eagerness to salut his corner.

Dallas artist, producer and entrepreneur, Chris Nicolaou (“Poofy Man”) has been a key player in 7’s camp since 2017, when the two linked-up to launch their own independent hip-hop label, Phantom City Records. Over the last three years, the duo has turn their kickstart into a viable business and one of Dallas’ preeminent music labels.

When asked about his partners recent success, Nicolaou pointed to the rappers natural talent for inspiring people.

“The more time you spend with him, the more confident you grow. You appreciate yourself, your purpose and the role of each person around you more… it’s pretty weird, he chuckled. “And, like in any other business, your medal is measured by the network you keep. Forget how dope a rapper he is, 7’s character is his most valuable asset,” Nicolaou said smiling.

But, in an industry awash with inflated ego’s and clashing personalities, a single act of humility could cost you your career. So, why would 7 Tha Great make a habit of rationing spoils?

To avoid speculation, we put the question to him. He volleyed back with an earnest message to all aspiring Dallas rappers.

“Artists out here need to understand, it’s a tough hustle and it’s even tougher without a team behind you. I know exactly how important their role is, and that’s why I never take it for granted - trust me, it’s the difference between making it and not.” 7 said.

7 seems like a reliable source, considering he’s been on his grind for roughly 10 years - eight of which, were spent on hip-hop’s ‘front line’ feverishly writing, performing and promoting his own music. To his own credit, what 7 managed to accomplish then, is no small feat. But, when compared to the growth and success he’s had with Phantom City Records, in just a fraction of the time - it’s hard to advocate “doing it alone.”


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