Charles Alexander, Homeless Man and Former Crip, Saves Officer By Body-Slamming PCP-Addled Attacker

Homeless people often get a bad rap, but when you're about to get your ass kicked by a PCP-crazed attacker, an unemployed former Crip living on the street can be handy to have around.

Dallas police officer Billy Taylor learned that first-hand last Tuesday in front of The Bridge homeless shelter. He was in full retreat from Samuel Dewey Jackson, the allegedly PCP-addled man who was attacking him.

"He went straight for the officer, and the officer had his baton out," Charles Alexander, a homeless bystander, told CBS 11. "But it wasn't doing any good because he was really pc'd out."

That's when Alexander intervened. The 45-year-old former Crip stepped into the street, pulled Jackson off the officer, and body-slammed him to the pavement WWE-style. Jackson was arrested. Alexander was congratulated, as well he should be.

Councilman Dwaine Caraway praised him in an interview with the Huffington Post.

"What could come out of this, [what] could signal messages to Crips and gang leaders, is that doing good things are better than doing bad things," he said. "If we had more folks like [Alexander], who had that change of heart, how much better would our country would be?"

Update on October 25: DPD says they are so appreciative of Alexander's help that Chief David Brown will give him a Citizens Certificate of Merit. They'll present the award this afternoon at headquarters.

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