10 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend, January 4 to 6

HULK SMASH! Everyone's favorite Hulk, Lou Ferrigno is posing for pictures this weekend at the North Texas Comic Book Show -- man, I hope he's wearing those castaway pants.

Wake up! Dude, you're still in vacation mode -- it's all over your face. You're sitting at a desk, sure, but your eyes look like a screensaver. Don't worry, your family's gone home and you can blow off steam all weekend long. There's a Flash Gordon costume party, two great art shows, a major rager with bands a bonfire and lasers, and a movie about hobo train art. Share this list with your adventure gang, and click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one tickling the Hulk.) Friday 1.4 Viva Dallas Burlesque at Lakewood Theater -- Move over Kate and Pippa, the dames of Viva give us the real royal treatment in their new show, Burlesque Royalty. Only the best of the best share the Lakewood's stage at this queen-worthy production. Pinkies up!

Flash Gordon Costume Party at Texas Theatre -- Suck it, American Apparel. Flash Gordon wore spandex jumpsuits long before boutique models paired the things with knee socks. I say we put Flash on those terrible billboards instead. Tonight, you'll rage like it's a timeshare vacation on Mongo when Texas Theatre screens Flash in 35 mm, followed by an intergalactic dance party. If you haven't seen the 1980 version of Flash Gordon, you're going to need to attend. You'll want to see what producer Dino De Lourentiis called "The only 27 million dollar improvised film in existence." Dress up, shake it down.

Blazing Saddles at the Inwood -- I love you Mel Brooks. A million times over, I love you. Yep, Blazing Saddles is one of the best comedies ever made, so if you like perfect movies and hate terrible ones, you'll want to hit up a midnight screening this weekend.

RE Gallery Presents CHAMP! New Work by Ricardo Paniagua -- One of Dallas' newest galleries is based on the principles of reclamation and reuse. Championed by artist and curator Wanda Dye, RE Gallery opens a new show Friday evening, and for the occasion Paniagua will take a revamped approach to his signature style by transitioning to resin casts and molds. That's about all we know: artist and gallery wish that everyone "be surprised." You love surprises -- especially artful ones -- so check it out. Saturday 1.5

Du Chau's The Color of My Memory at Kirk Hopper -- We've been waiting a solid year for this show by local sculpture and ceramic arts educator Du Chau. And we got even more excited when we heard that he's dipping away from his more malleable medium to do silkscreened images for this center stage show at Hopper. Du Chau's subjects are his own shattered memories of the Vietnam War, and he'll present them as they exist still, right down to the hue. WHO IS BOZO TEXINO? A Film by Bill Daniel -- You'll want to scoot over to Fort Worth to hop on this party train, which features poetry by local artistic madman Bruce Lee Webb, music by Shiny Around the Edges and Night Game Cult and most importantly, a documentary about hobo train graffiti, shot by filmmaker Bill Daniel. He'll be in attendance, so you can ask him everything you've ever wanted to know about canned beans, harmonicas and high stakes graffiti. Ash Saturdays -- Those Green Bandana kids have been helping Dallas have loads of fun during the New Year transition, and Saturday's bash closes out the good times series. This BYOB rager goes until 4 a.m. with music by Spencer Kenney, Paramecium, Light Horse Harry and Zorah's Taylor Effin Cleveland, as well as loads of art and the artists who birthed it. But you would have gone anyway, because Green Bandana promised us three magic words "Projections! Lasers! Bonfire!" Um, yes -- I want all of that.

First Saturday at the Nasher -- You love free. You love art. You must really be crushing on First Saturday at the Nasher, which gives everyone complimentary access to this amazing space as well as hands-on activities and loads of educational programming. Go enjoy the best of what we have and make art a part of your afternoon.

Sunday 1.6

Girls of the Church 2013 Calendar Release Party -- Smokin' hot ladies? Check. Goth clothes? Check. Collectable calendar so that enjoyment can be prolonged throughout 2013? Yes, it's got that too. See the sexiest vinyl vixens able to be conjured in Dallas at the Girls of the Church 2013 Calendar release party Sunday night. You're welcome. North Texas Comic Book Show -- Hulk SMASH poses politely with you in photos at this celebration of the nerdly arts, which runs all weekend long. You can browse for your "need it" stack in the comic crates, dig for lost memorabilia and resist the urge to tickle Lou Ferrigno.

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