35 Denton Brands Its City's Walls. How Do You Feel About It?

There's another week before 35 Denton envelops the city in a dreamy puddle of booze-tinted concert memories. Art will be everywhere, from that fluffy pink cake tattoo on the side of Thee Oh Sees' guitarist Petey Damnit!'s neck to Gallery owner Bruce Lee Webb's panel discussion on art and music's eternally intertwined love affair.

For those who cannot maintain a tantric state of anticipation, 35 Denton has tossed them a few, visual bones. But poke around the new murals by Houston Artists Nicky Davis (on Fry Street between Voertman's and Subway), Cut Throat (behind Dan's Silverleaf), and Give Up (Rubber Gloves), Denton's Jon Orbock (the side of Ramen Republic on Hickory) and Dallas' Jerod Alexander Davies (Copy Pro at Fry and Hickory) and how do you feel? They are part of a public arts initiative, but they're also giant advertisements for the festival.

These murals will sustain long after the bands screech away in their tour vans. I'm curious, Denton. How do you like them? They were curated by the 35 Denton community arts outreach sector, but most of you didn't vote on that panel. Now whenever you walk to school or head over to Big Mike's for a mocha, you're going to walk by artsy ads -- is it the same thing as dressing up a telephone pole with show posters or do you find it offensive? Nobody asked you. So now I am: How do you feel being marketed to through street art? Here are a few pictures of what is up so far, put your thoughts in the comments.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.