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55 Movie Trends That Need to Die Now

There's an over-arching theme in the show Battlestar Galatica that is an apt metaphor for Hollywood: "It happened before and it will happen again."

The "it" in Battlestar is the whole Machines-Become-Sentient-and-Kill-Humans-thing. But the catchy, ominous phrase could be viewed as a metaphor for Hollywood's persistent ability to repeat mind-numbingly badly trends: They're making another Transformers movie. Jason Statham keeps destroying people's tracheas.

In protest, we present 55 trends that we think need to be blown up like every building ever to appear in a Michael Bay film.

1. Characters walking away from explosions, unharmed 2. Characters jumping from moving vehicles, unharmed 3. Characters falling from tremendous heights and bouncing off cars and living 4. Animals that talk using CGI 5. Animal facial expressions that are physically impossible using CGI 6. The smart, worldly 8-year-old 7. Nicolas Cage 8. The Jason Statham-rescues-a-kid storyline 9. The Jason Statham action that leads to him shirtless 10. Third Act battle on historical landmark

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