Dallas Comedy House Mixes Law & Order and Musicals. It Works.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
and musicals go together about as well as milk and stomach problems.

Or at least that’s what you might think. Somehow, though, a Dallas Comedy House troupe made it work. And it’s hella funny.

On Friday night, Law and Order: The SVUiscal premiered to a full room of laughing comedy-musical-watchers in the comedy house’s new location.

The six-member cast came up with the idea when director Amanda Austin assigned the Level 3 improv class to pitch two pop culture paradigms. From there, Lauren Davis pitched a Law and Order musical. What started as a 10-minute sketch ended as a full production.
The comedic musical mainly pokes fun at the characters of the show instead of trying to straddle the lines of funny and offensive by dancing around jokes about the sexual crimes depicted in the 16-season SVU series. And the cast does an excellent job at it. Davis, who plays detective Olivia Benson, and Sean McEwan, who plays her partner Elliott Stabler, hilariously explore their complicated and on-the-edge-of-romantic relationship.

It’s hard to pinpoint the best scene. In one scene, like every Law and Order: SVU episode past, present and future, the lawyers stand with the victim or witness, to examine the suspects in a line-up behind a one-sided mirror. To display the ridiculousness of how fast everything happens on TV, the cast quickly flies through the suspects and by default, decide on the last one. The musical number for this scene, however, was a hilarious rap with Ice T, played by Grant Redmond, a white guy, who flawlessly pulls off Ice T’s persona and accent.
Another highlight from the show and that particular scene involves a random audience member playing a suspect. The cast was able to improv off his answers to their questioning and even poke fun at him a little bit along the way. This was done well and the show could have used more improv.

Without giving too much away, another hilarious scene comes when Olivia Benson, played by Davis, is sitting in a wedding dress with smeared lipstick and a gun in her hand, feeling a ghost — a play off Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s famous pottery scene. 

The good bits definitely outweighed the overdone ones, including a few minutes when the cast imitated the opening credits with the “dun dun dun” music. It dragged on a little too long but still proved funny.

Law and Order: The SVUiscal has everything you expect and a little more, including acting, jokes, singing, dancing, guitar-playing, and even an ongoing Friends joke coated with references and a take on its theme song.

The show continues through Aug. 28 and tickets can be found at
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