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Dirty Talk: Overheards From Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch is like a Serengeti watering hole where all creatures meet with a unified objective: to drink from the healing spring of bottomless mimosas. It's where we make our weekend confessions to our closest friends, ask for absolution for the previous night's sins and talk seedily while curing hangovers with more booze. Sunglasses indoors? Yes, it's brunch. Here are a couple of great overheards from yesterday's brunch at Nomad in Austin, Texas.

Female, late-20's: "There are only two people that you never cheat on in this life: Your hairdresser and your drug dealer. In those relationships I am completely monogamous."

Male, early-30's: "These days I just wear a condom constantly. Sometimes two. Hell, three if I'm going to the D.M.V.." Got any great brunch quotes? Put 'em in the comments.

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Jamie Laughlin
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