Doing Bumps in Oak Cliff

Better upgrade your mapping app and pump up those bicycle tires, because the Oak Cliff Speedbump Tour returns this weekend to bait you inside the homes of stranger artists. (Somewhere right now, your mother is irrationally angry but doesn’t know why.) The 2013 hop-along includes the studios and residences of seven different visual artists and six galleries, art businesses or collectives. Run this aesthetic treasure hunt in any order you like, but make sure to get a hard dose of street art at Sour Grapes’ open studio, where skateboard ramps encourage participation/light taunting. You’ll need to swing by the rabbit hole home of Chuck and George (Dallas Observer Mastermind tag team Brian K. Scott and Brian K. Jones) to see their hallowed space, which many know as a residential shrine to the peculiar. While there, check out the show in the “Kitchen Gallery”; it’s a colorful ode to evolution’s grandpappy, Charles Darwin, by Ken Craft. If you haven’t popped in to the new upstairs gallery at Texas Theatre, now’s the time to experience Cassandra Emswiler’s fantastic ode to family legacy, Canticles of Praise. And if you do nothing else, creep inside the home of our favorite outsider sinner/artist/freeflow poet, Clay Stinnet, and experience the sacred ground where he summons his redneck saints. Speedbump runs from noon to 6 p.m., so be on your best behavior. Find the entire map at chuckandgeorge.net/visualspeedbump/. It’s free.
Sat., May 18, 2013

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