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FashionABLE Trunk Sale at Gypsy Wagon on Saturday Means Women Calling Shots, Changing Lives

The women of Dallas do a lot of questionable things for fashion: ripping out hair from their nether regions by the roots; teetering within an inch of a sprained ankle on platforms; squatting naked while having cold chemicals sprayed up the length of their bodies, inevitably leaving a trail of Mystic Tan throughout their wardrobes, car interiors and homes. But sometimes the women of Dallas do things for fashion that are absolutely awesome (and sane!).

On Saturday, the Gypsy Wagon is hosting a fasionABLE trunk show, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A nonprofit organization helping women in Africa build sustainable businesses, fashionABLE's first priority is a "transformative cycle" where women strengthen other women, helping lift them from the desperation of generational poverty and systematic abuse. Like so:

And while fasionABLE deserves a hearty round of applause for their endeavors, the Gypsy Wagon is even upping the ante by giving guests $10 to donate to any charity for every $50 spent on Gypsy Wagon jewelry or accessories. In addition to fashion and good karma, femme phenoms Jessica Campbell and Hannah Miller are performing live from 3:00 to 4:00, kicking out tunes to provide a kick ass soundtrack for the good mojo and good times. It's like a movie montage in the making!

If Beyonce taught us anything, ladies, it's that "we independent." We can use our money, time and even our fashion to support businesswomen around the globe. (Did Beyonce really teach us that? Who cares, it works. Throw your hands up at me.)

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Brentney Hamilton