Free Thinkers

Children are so easily influenced, emulating parents, peers and the television, for better or worse. See, it's all your fault. Be a better influence already. Gather the neighborhood posse and minivan it to the Skillman Southwestern Branch Library on Friday at 3:30 p.m. when Aesop's Fables II: Electric Boogaloo comes to life with help from Our Endeavors Theatre Company. These movers and shakers offer high-energy performances of famous tales such as Lion and Mouse and Busy Ant, Lazy Grasshopper. Every moral lesson comes with a blues song, and costumes are available for any future actors willing to transform into the king of the jungle or the carefree grass dancer. This wholesome experience, sponsored by Pizza Hut, is free. By the way, if you made your way through English class with a subscription to Cliffs Notes, here's a hint about Aesop: He was born a slave and later released because of his clever wit and cunning. The gist of his story? Knowledge sets you free. For more information on Pizza Hut Presents Library Live!, call 972-306-4368. --Desirée Henry

Fine Dining, Good Eats

Talk about nailing your target audience. When The Mansion on Turtle Creek sent us notice about its children's etiquette class Saturday at noon, we thought, "Those marketing wizards at The Mansion really understand their clientele." We're not insulting our readership, but we don't see many car-pool moms at Kathleen's Art Café reading the latest fake-drug story. For the few who do, The Mansion has a charm-school lesson available for your brat-ass kids. Charlene Levering will teach children ages 5 to 12 how to eat like rich people, including fancy meat-cutting and pea-scooping techniques. Entry is $50; call 214-520-5817 for reservations. --Sam Machkovech

Go for a Whirl

One of the best things about a visit to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Omni Theater is the pre-show "ride" in a helicopter zooming over downtown Fort Worth. The thing lifts off, then pitches you down in a stomach-churning swoop toward the skyline, zigzagging between tall buildings and carrying you to the shiny dome of the Omni Theater. Your flyover lasts just a few exhilarating seconds, but it's as exciting as anything that follows on the Omni's giant elliptical screen. Its latest large-format film, Straight Up! Helicopters in Action, promises more of the same--with footage of all kinds of missions, military and otherwise, requiring the maneuvering and lifting capabilities of helicopters. Some of the sequences put you in the pilot's seat; others tote you along for the ride in an air-sea U.S. Coast Guard rescue, a U.S. Marine Corps reconnaissance mission and a drop of humanitarian aid in Sierra Leone. The film opens Friday and shows daily at 1501 Montgomery St. in Fort Worth's Cultural District. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for kids 3 to 12. Call 1-888-255-9300 for show times and more information. --Julie Lyons

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