Free Tickets to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: Win a Date with Old Hickory

Having lustful feelings for our founding fathers was once the stuff of fetishes, then a little musical came along that made America (or, "Amercia" for Romney followers) get all tight in the pants. It's Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, a rockin' tour of populism that modernizes our seventh president by stuffing him into a pair of skinny jeans, dousing him in eyeliner and letting him get all Dashboard Confessional on your electoral state. How else would he properly woo your vote?

Theatre Three has champed up to tackle this historically-based rock opera, which garnered a lot of praise when it ran in New York. They also want to keep Jackson's message of populism alive and virile, so Theatre Three is giving out free tickets to the June 11th opening night performance. If you're one of the first 150 folks to RSVP here, you'll get to watch our 7th president get all sexypants. (Insert "Old Hickory gave me wood" joke here.)

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