Knee-Deep In Fests, DFW Design Week Adds to Next Week's Mayhem

I'm going to have to fill a handbag with Adderall and Champagne cocktails and start guzzling to survive next week's fest madness. In addition to our favorite annual celebration of movies and the creative folks behind them, Dallas International Film Festival, and the guns a-blazin' eye candy of the Dallas Art Fair, DFW Design Week is also joining the party.

Covering all forms of communication of design from advertising and graphics to illustrators and photographers and everyone else who helps develop brands or makes our lives more beautiful, this week-long event is jammed full of information.

It all starts on Monday at the Art Institute of Dallas for panels, luncheons and receptions, as well as a special engagement with writer, artist, radio personality, and all-around design guru Debbie Millman.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the affair moves over to the Dallas Design Center for more networking and educational forums including panels specifically for woman-run businesses. (Cheers, ladies.)

Friday has an especially promising event called Design for Good, which is co-sponsored by Good Magazine. A brain-storming session will be held to identify problems that exist within our community and come up with new solutions for them. If you have Dallas' most forward-thinking organizations and individuals together in one place, why not solve the issues of the city?

Panels will be formed which will spend the next seven weeks working with community leaders to bring about positive change, with a final presentation scheduled for June 6.

On Saturday, Baylor alum Tim Hale will receive an achievement award for his branding work with Fossil. He's the one who came up with that tin watch box and other mainstay designs we associate with the Dallas company. The awards ceremony is being held on Saturday, April 14, at the Dallas Contemporary, which will have some new photographs on display from its biennial exhibition.

Tickets for DFW Design Week can be bought in bulk (passes) or individually if you can only attend select events.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.