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LeeAnne Locken Makes Amends With Plano Mayor — But C'mon, Don't

On Wednesday, LeeAnne Locken, star of The Real Housewives of Dallas, visited with the Plano mayor, Harry LaRosiliere, for a great PR move to clear up that whole "It's a little Plano in here" line she mumbled while fellow housewives Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman were joking about poop during episode 1 of the series premiere.

The statement pissed a lot of people off, including fellow Housewives — or at least they jumped on the "what-is-she-talking-about-Plano-is-awesome-and-I-totally-shop-at-Collin-Creek-Mall-all-the-time" bandwagon.

Then it was a sort of who-can-outwit-who when the City of Plano's director of marketing and community engagement designed a T-shirt with the line. All of this left Locken with her tail between her legs, so off to the Mayor's office she went.

She explained to the mayor how it was a simple play-on-words, where she was saying, "OK, that's a little plain. But they live in Plano, so, 'It's a little Plain-O in here.'"

Whether we believe her or not, it's important to note Locken used to work for Plano Wired, a news program about, you guessed it, Plano. So her insult is a little strange, but then again, if someone is going to insult Plano, then it might as well be someone who knows Plano the best.

But we are a little confused. Go ahead and accuse us of bitching when you do and bitching when you don't, but Locken, you're a Real Housewife! Cause some trouble! Do you want a second season or not? Make enemies! Everyone knows poop jokes are totally Plano, anyway, so just stick to your guns. Don't back down.

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