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Nobody's Afraid of Chuck & George. Plus, Lauren's First Artwork!

Two of the most beloved characters in the Dallas art scene are known together collaboratively as Chuck & George, in daily life as "The Brians" or individually as Brian Keith Jones and Brian Scott. For more than two decades, these two have been working together or in tandem on art that embraces styles cartoonish and lowbrow, but always with a self-deprecating sense of humor. They make Dallas a lively place to live and work for their fellow artists, which might be the basis for this weekend's homage exhibition at Central Trak. Think of it as a visual roast of the artists.

Look, I even made them a picture.

No, no, despite CentralTrak's attempts to make my piece the centerpiece of Who's Afraid of Chuck & George? I had to decline. Ethical boundaries and what not. Yeah, yeah, that's why I'm not in the exhibit. Ethics. Or maybe I'm misremembering, like a third Brian we all know.

Sure, this exhibit is a little bit insider basebally, but it will be in keeping with The Brians' signature playfulness. Their work is quirky and clever, so here's hoping their artist friends will be able to match their style.

See Who's Afraid of Chuck & George? in opening reception from 8-10 p.m. Friday at Central Trak.

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