Everyone's scared of something, be it death or public speaking, but some little fears are silly. For instance, I don't get it when people are afraid of public restrooms. No, you're not the first person to ever utilize this space. So what? But we can all agree that some fears are not to be joked about or taken lightly. Some things are so absolutely terrifying that everyone gets shivers just thinking about them. Yes, I'm talking about birds. They're everywhere, watching us with those beady little eyes, every second of every day. And if they were to attack us with those pointy beaks of's too horrible to think about. So, don't think about it. Watch a film about it instead. Birdemic: Shock and Terror is the latest film in the Midnight Madness series at the Inwood Theatre, 5458 W. Lovers Lane, which means it's playing at midnight Friday and Saturday. Just be prepared, because this movie ain't about no little crows. It's about when eagles and vultures come after you. Tickets are $10. Call 214-764-9106 or visit
Fri., June 4; Sat., June 5, 2010
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Kaitlin Ingram