Fitness Ambassadors and Yogis Gather for Silent Yoga — You Know, Like Silent DiscoEXPAND
Isabel Arcellena

Fitness Ambassadors and Yogis Gather for Silent Yoga — You Know, Like Silent Disco

The Fitness Ambassadors, a community of fitness bloggers from around Dallas, hosted a silent yoga party last week. On a roof. At sunset. In the middle of the city.

Yogis and fitness enthusiasts gathered Thursday night on a rooftop of a parking garage overlooking the American Airlines Center, surrounded by the Dallas' most iconic skyscrapers. Nearly 100 yoga mats were spread out under the setting sun. Bloggers and Instagrammers snapped pics left and right, getting ready for a night of a unique movement experience.

Mai Lyn Ngo, fitness blogger and founder of the Fitness Ambassadors (formerly the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors), brought the idea of silent yoga to Dallas.

“So if you’re familiar to silent disco, you’ll see it more in a party scene or a club scene," Ngo says. "You would put on these really cool headphones, and you couldn’t hear anything outside of it, right? You just heard the voice of the instructor."

Ngo says noise-canceling headphones are an extra benefit to yoga — especially at this yoga session in the middle of the city.

“The audio quality is really really good," she says. "And they light up, so at night you have this really cool visual to it. But they’re also noise-canceling. So you don’t hear anything outside of it — you don’t hear airplane noise, traffic noise, someone knocking over their water bottle, people talking. … Doing outdoor events, there’s a lot of noise. Imagine trying to do yoga and it’s noisy. You can’t concentrate. So this turns it into a kind of a party."

The event featured a live DJ, fitness and wellness vendors, a booth to make fresh flower crowns from Simply Elegant Dallas, giveaways and a clear Texas sky.

Kelly Terwilliger just recently moved to Dallas, and this was her first yoga event.

“I thought it sounded cool to be on top of a roof as the sun set doing yoga," she says. "And silent yoga? I’ve never done it before, so it kind of intrigued me — it feels cool to be up here."

Lauren Gannon is a regular at the Fitness Ambassador events.

“This is my third silent yoga," she says. "I like that it’s a unique experience. You get to have your zen, but you also get to have a disco in your ear. And it’s a really cool experience to do on a rooftop at a cool location outside of a yoga studio."

Ngo agrees.

“You’re kind of in this bubble, but you’re able to move with other people,” she says. “We’re popping up in spaces that don’t make any sense, like the rooftop of a garage … but it’s just to show that you can do this anywhere, and it can still be very fun — it’s a big fitness party.”

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