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Summer Mockbusters Returns to the Granada Theater With Con Air this Friday

When it comes to making fun of movies, having Nicolas Cage in the cast is like soft-balling the set up to the joke. In almost every role, he turns an action film into a campy, over-acted flick that's more pantomime than drama. Perhaps that's why the good folks at The Granada Theater are screening the 90's classic Con Air at 8 p.m. Friday as the next movie in the Summer Mockbusters series - a concept in the vein of Master Pancake, during which local comedians from Dallas Comedy House live Tweet their snarky one-liners as the film plays on the theater screen.

Last month, the brand new series kicked off with Space Jam and the Tweets were flying. Even Bugs Bunny showed up at the last minute.

For Con Air, it's the same concept: Free entry, cheap drinks, and live Tweeted jokes. But there are a few additions, including a stuffed toy drive inspired by Cage's classic line, "Put the bunny back in the box." The Granada is partnering with Community Partners of Dallas and asking people to bring a new, unused stuffed animal for a child in need. You don't have to bring a toy, but you're a good person, so you will.

The screening is at 8 p.m. but if you get there when the doors open at 7, you can enter the paper airplane contest for free Granada tickets. Who knew your elementary school skills would get you up close with Ben Kweller? Paper will be provided.

So to recap: see a movie, drink the drinks, Tweet your jokes, and put the bunny in the box. The even is free and 18+ only. More info at

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