That James Franco Series Now Has a Trailer

About three months ago, Dealey Plaza near the West End was pretty much shut down thanks to J.J. Abrams and James Franco. They were filming for a Hulu thriller series, 11.22.63, based on Stephen King's book by the same name. You were either really mad at all the traffic it was causing or you were really excited to catch a glimpse of the movie star.

This week, the official trailer for the eight-episode series hit the web. By the looks of it, Franco, who plays Jake Epping, walks in a closet because some man told him to, and time travels back to 1960. Man Who Owns The Closet wants Epping to go back in time and stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Like any good human being, Epping does this and the closet land is a bit like Narnia. Except not at all. More like Dallas in the 1960s.

The trailer offers this little tidbit: "The past doesn't want to be changed." It also shows a car wreck into a telephone booth, a little bit of conspiracy ("I don't know whether Oswald is the man who did it"), and Franco falling for a beautiful blonde, who we hope doesn't end up being his mother. She says, "Everything you say is a lie," because he's not even from her decade, but she doesn't know that yet! Oh, and Josh Duhamel shows up at some point to punish Epping for breaking some rules.

The mini-series premieres Presidents Day, Feb. 15 — on Hulu, of course. You can get a head start and just read the book.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.